Netflix Star & Joe Biden Surrogate Arrested for Underage Sex Allegations


A man featured in a campaign video with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is under federal investigation for soliciting sex with minors, according to USA Today.

Federal agents raided the Illinois home of Jerry Harris, who gained notoriety due to his role in the Netflix documentary Cheer, Monday afternoon as part of a probe into messages sent to minors asking for explicit photos and to meet for sex. The solicitations were flagged for authorities by the 21-year-old’s employer. more

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  1. Well, if nothing else that should seal the Whoopi Goldberg endorsement. Like he needed it. Might want to check out his whereabouts when arson caused fires got started. Antifa and sex with minors go together like antifa and arson go together, maybe we can close the loop and connect all three

  2. Commiewood is chock full of deviants and pedophiles, might explain why almost none of them have a grasp on reality. They’re too blinded and mentally ill to realize that once the CCP finally takes over, they’ll be the first to go.

  3. Ever notice how We never see pics of the Perps or blurred Photo’s of the Children

    rescued from the Child Slave Rings?

    I have a pretty good guess ..

  4. This guy- this mother fucker- he cornered a 13 year old boy in a bathroom and harassed him for a blow job- he also sent the same boy and his twin brother dick pics and other explicit videos. This went on for over a year before the mother of the twins caught on.

    This happened when the sonovabitch was 19. So under California law he wouldn’t be guilty of any crime.

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