Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ airs Bullcrap-laden episode about falling walruses

DC: The Netflix documentary series “Our Planet” is using chilling footage of walruses falling off a cliff to mislead viewers in the name of climate activism, a Canadian zoologist claimed.

“Our Planet,” narrated by famed naturalist and BBC broadcaster David Attenborough, has a message: Climate change is endangering the planet. But it’s a message that comes at the expense of the facts, according to Susan Crockford, a zoologist and adjunct professor at the University of Victoria.

Crockford argues the Netflix documentary’s iconic scene of walruses falling to their deaths is actually the same incident recorded in Siberia in October 2017. Polar bears were behind those plummeting walruses, not global warming as “Our Planet” told viewers.

“The lie being told by Attenborough and the film crew is that 200-300 walruses fell during the time they were filming, while in fact they filmed only a few: polar bears were responsible for the majority of the carcasses shown on the beach below the cliff,” Crockford wrote on her personal blog Sunday.

The documentary’s viral walrus scene was filmed at the Kozhevnikova Cape, near the town of Ryrkaypiy. The same place where, in 2017, a group of roughly 20 polar bears spooked a herd of about 5,000 walruses resting near the cliffs, sending many to their deaths. Crockford says “Our Planet” filmed the same, widely publicized, walrus haul-out, but neglected to mention the polar bears that spooked the walruses.  more

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  1. I had a free one year subscription to Netflix at one time but never watched it. At the end of that year, I told them ‘No thanks”. I once reconsidered, but when the Obama’s signed on, well, that was all it took for me to forget about that idea.

  2. it’s Our Planet. If you’re not a Citizen of the World, it’s not your planet, deplorable nationalists.

  3. what influence did the presence of the film crew have on the walruses? They could have been distracted by paying attention to the people stealthily moving in and setting up, and not noticed the more skillful and well ‘camouflaged’ polar bears. Their route of escape could also have been blocked by the crew. When you observe something, you can also influence it.
    Was this caused by a video?
    ask susan rice- she works at netfizz

  4. This is Obama’s fault. If he hadn’t stopped the rise of the oceans, the water would be up to the cliff tops by now and the walruses could have escaped the polar bears by swimming away.

  5. Netflix doesn’t want you to know that every single show on their platform is available for free download. $5/month VPN is cheaper. Shhh, it’s a secret.

  6. “it’s not your planet, deplorable nationalists.”

    Yeah, you scum nationalists, Netflix doesn’t want you. Go read your stupid Nationalist Geographic.

  7. Separating the Bull from the Shit will create new business opportunities for all the ranchers put out of business by all of this BULLSHIT.

  8. Mr. de Leon, its “National”, not “Nationalist”. While we realize that the word “National” has fallen out of favor recently, we feel that our brand would be negatively affected if we changed to suit the times. Think of us as you would the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

  9. Perhaps they identify as Lemmings. Isn’t assuming ones gender/identity a leftist infraction nowadays?

  10. Lefties are so easy to spot. They are always shitting
    on someone elses floor and running away from their mess.

  11. BRUCE

    Same you go a real BURN notice. show was good; have a soft spot for Froggies/SEALA.

    Your place in Or is nice. What did you film there last year?

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