Netherlands: Asylum minister resigns over manipulated refugee crime report

Jihad Watch: Unable to sweep the scale of refugee involvement in crimes which are hidden, Mark Harbers (Liberal) has resigned over a refugee crime report. He told MPs that he felt responsible for the report:  “I am not only responsible in terms of the law, but I feel responsible.”

The figures show of course what was expected, that a large proportion of crime, especially rape, is committed by new immigrants, who come from Muslim,  “so-called safe countries, namely Morocco and Algeria.”

The Netherlands was once one of the safest places to live in Europe, but that has been changing fast. The murder of gay MP Pim Fortuyn in 2002 was the writing on the wall, and the killer’s release just 12 years later, which was barely noticed 5 years ago, was a nod to the followers of Islam, that they will not be dealt with justly for practicing their sharia. Fortuyn had complained loudly about the treatment of gays in islam.  more here

3 Comments on Netherlands: Asylum minister resigns over manipulated refugee crime report

  1. The good news is that there appears to be an absolute tsunami of backlash against Cultural Marxism worldwide. A majority of people are now paying attention to the stupid excuses and lies and social engineering projects and they’re saying “Enough!”

  2. The bad news is the West is infected with a very bad disease and has no idea how to remove this metastasizing tumor.

  3. Waiting for the dust to settle in Belgium. Theo Francken plus a “far-right surge” make for some interesting times.


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