Networks Ignore “March for Life,” Give Coverage To “Women’s” March

Despite drawing 100,000 to Washington, D.C. and a presidential address for the second year, the major networks ignored The March for Life yesterday. They instead dedicated time providing positive coverage to the ever shrinking  anti-Semitic stained Women’s March set to go off today. More



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  1. This kind of coverage, or rather lack of coverage, of conservative and prolife events and heavy coverage of leftist events are one of the reasons why the left was so surprised at Trump’s win over Hillary. The left doesn’t understand that there is a very large contingent of non leftist traditional conservatives and religious people out there that stands up and opposes them since they simply never see or hear of them.

    But, FWIW, how many here would bet the majority of the March for Life participants are self supporting working people and/or from self supporting working families while the majority of the women’s march participants are government dependents or from heavily subsidized families?

  2. It is amazing what our President has to fight and overcome to do what is right and good for this country. Certainly we don’t know the half of it.

    Thank you beyond words, President Trump. Our prayers go with you daily.

  3. This shows that evil is all related…the anti-Semitic woman’s march, the admittance of illegals, support for abortion, the lying MSM….and lots more.

  4. The networks prove that they are anti-life, anti-liberty, and anti-God. There is no denying that fact.
    The networks give us a daily diet of Cohen, Russia, Caravans, Mueller; vulgar and stupid congresswomin, fake news, and anti Trumpers galore, but have no time for the March For Life.
    Their licenses should be revoked as they are not serving the American people. What does the FCC do for a living?
    Thank you General Svejk for that wonderful time lapse video.

  5. If the complaint is that the March for Life isn’t covered by TV media, then why is the March invariably in DC? They should be marching on 6th avenue in NY past ABC, CBS and NBC, and in Atlanta at CNN. THAT would get attention.


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