Networks Refuse Obama’s Request For Primetime Obamacare Celebration… – IOTW Report

Networks Refuse Obama’s Request For Primetime Obamacare Celebration…

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  1. First it was Jay Leno, then it was SNL, then it was Jimmy Fallon, now it’s the entire damn network. Not looking good Mr. President.

  2. Why doesn’t he just text his constituents on the Ophones. Lord knows we aren’t having any of his bullshit.

  3. The BF article framed the story as the networks protecting their dirty filthy profits before televising preezy spiking the ball. Venezuela is calling.

  4. Oh, you can bet the bat-faced one will have something to say about this. Those networks will get in line when ValJar calls.

  5. “…a less formal Rose Garden address that was alternately celebratory and hard-edged.”

    Or what we used to call “Manic/Depressive”, before we called it “Bipolar”. I just call it nucking futs.

    And thank you, networks, for finally admitting that he’s not ready for prime time.

  6. Both picture and voice of this sycophant are not allowed inside my house.

    Thank you mainstream and Fox. Nobody wants to see this Muslim bastard anymore

  7. We could have seen chants from the crowd of “OoBaama…OooBaama…” as the Messiah did his Victory Lap.

    Then Biden would have added “This is a big F’ing deal.

  8. Hold up. “They” have cajoled, “they” have hinted that signing up will get you a tumble with a hot Ho, that it’s necessary because you may injure yourself doing a keg stand, and that once you are in your jammies holding a warm cup of cocoa the only thing missing for total contentment is an obamacare policy.

    They have spent many millions to insure a mere handful – that clearly don’t even want insurance once it is made “affordable” specially for them.

    Music videos have been made, slogans have rained down on us, we have been tweeted at and scolded and begged.

    Bribes have been paid, numbers have been massaged, websites have dazzled with spectacular graphics.

    In the end of it all, it will be what it will be. If people do not sign up in sufficient numbers, and we all know that they won’t, if people get angry that they have lost insurance they like for a cumbersome, inferior, expensive product, and we all know that they will ………

    this pig will collapse under it’s own weight.

    Will it usher in single payer? I don’t think it will, simply because the general public will have had a proper taste of the government playing Doctor by the time we to that point.

  9. An ego that has his fellow academic eggheads are salivating to dissect. The balloon drop will have to wait. There will be an added definition to the word ego once this man from, well, where ever the heck he’s from, leaves the West Wing. The Obama branch off the River Marx is truly disgusting. And so are the parasites that voted for him.

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