Nevada: Clark county elections using ‘honor system’ to determine voter immigration status

Reagan Babe: Serious security gaps in Nevada’s election system uncovered this week put the credibility of the entire system and November 2016 election in doubt. Did President Trump win Nevada after all? Did Question 1 really pass? There is now a serious crisis of confidence in the election system in Nevada that must be addressed now. On October 25, 2017, served the Clark County Elections Department with the attached Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA). requested on October 25, 2017, the following information from the Clark County Elections Division:

Under the Nevada Open Records Act (NRS.239), we are requesting

  • A month by month break down of the total number of voter registration forms of legal and illegal aliens submitted to your office from the DMV over the last 24 months.
  • A month by month break down of the total number of voter registration forms of legal and illegal aliens submitted to your office but not accepted from all sources over the last 24 months.
  • The total number of registration forms reject by your office for over the last 24 months broken down month by month.
  • The number of legal and illegal aliens purged from the voter rolls over the last 24 months broken down by month by month. received the attached letter below from the Clark County Elections Department in response this week. Note the paragraph in which they say “We do not have access to any database which can identify legal and illegal aliens in our voter registration system. Therefore, we do not have the ability to provide the records listed in your public information request.” 

The Clark County Elections Department admits in their response that they are not checking the citizenship status of any voter registration forms submitted to their office from the DMV and or any other sources. They go on in their response letter to say they operate on an honor system. “It is the voter’s responsibility to verify that they are eligible to vote.” 

However, DMV information officials have told that they put an asterisk next to the names of the people they suspect are not citizens when they “transmit voter registration forms to the Clark County Elections Department.” So the Department is ignoring those asterisks and allowing legal and illegal aliens to register to vote without doing any further investigation of their citizenship qualifications to vote. In addition, the DMV computer system does not have any way of distinguishing who is and is not a citizen according to the DMV spokesperson. So DMV clerks who accept the paper voter registration forms are putting the asterisk next to the names of people they know are not citizens. But under a settlement earlier this year with the ACLU, the Nevada Secretary of State and the DMV, the DMV must submit those registration forms to the Clark County Elections Department even when they know the person is NOT a U.S. citizen.  read more

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  1. The honor system has been recommended by the liars club as the best system to use. the results will be totally unreliable. And the people using it should be put in prison.

  2. So the good people of Nevada get disenfranchised, by having their vote offset and nullified, by the SEIU? I bet half their membership in Nevada are aliens. This is appalling and needs to be fixed. Photo ID and proof of citizenship needs to be enshrined in the Constitution.

    Those who abet voter fraud need long jail terms.

    If the ACLU, SEIC, and the state D party are involved in this together, they need to be taken down by legal actions. If the DOJ can still jerk around southern states for past voter laws from the early 1960s, they can damn sure take action on the disenfranchisement of thousands of Nevadans.

  3. Yeah but, according to the ruling class, elites and Congressional denizens the Illegals are far more honest, hardworking and trustworthy than American citizens are! Therefore an illegal would never do anything to violate our laws, like steal Social Security numbers, file false tax returns, drive a car without insurance, kill innocent citizens and lie to gain an education, acquire health care, and get welfare benefits or VOTE! Nevada is right everybody else is wrong!

  4. The honor system. Nevada needs some 9 mm recall elections and quick. Hell, we have tougher voter laws here in Canada. I’m a born Canadian and you ought to see the stuff I have to bring in order to vote. I can vouch for a person without the needed documentation but I can only do that once and it’s followed up on by elections Canada and woe to me if it turns out the person I vouched for wasn’t eligible to vote.
    I read stories like this from all over your country and I can’t help but wonder if you’re trying to give your country away. If so, where the hell are the Native groups and the Blacks because I would have figured they’d have first dibs and would want to protect that.

  5. Loretta do the woman get the same shock.
    30 feet in the air and then you get zapped , you won’t do that again.

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