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Nevada GOP Sending An Alternative Slate Of Electors To Congress

The GOP of Nevada named their own set of electors for Donald Trump and are sending them to Washington D.C. for congress to figure out if they will recognize them or the 6 electors selected for Biden. Here

There is precedent for citizens of a state to send an alternative slate of electors and it goes back to Hawaii in 1960. Here

There’s nothing preventing the other five contested states from sending their own alternative slate of electors. In an interview on Newsmax earlier today, White House advisor Steven Miller stated that was exactly what would happen today in those states. Here

9 Comments on Nevada GOP Sending An Alternative Slate Of Electors To Congress

  1. This is interesting, I wonder if it will do any good.

    Congress, the House, is still controlled by Democrats and Leftist Republicans and that will be hard to break to have them recognized in place of the officially appointed electors.

  2. State police in MI are blocking GOP electors from entering capital to cast their votes for Trump. Leftist bully tactics. They told them to contact the Gov office – yeah that is going to be helpful!

    In Nevada, the Republican Electors were selected outside the capital building. – Dr. Tar

  3. Under the Constitutional requirement it is VP Pence who
    “counts the votes”. Some scholars are saying that means it is his call alone as to whose votes he counts.

  4. The Trump delegates from Nevada could say they expect the same error rate we’re voting machines as Michigan had. Error rate just slightly south of 70%. Whomever certified those elections should be in big legal trouble

  5. This may come down to Trump refusing to leave the White House

    So what happens then, Scranton Joe? Who ya gonna call? The Capitol Police? The US military might not go along with that .. or dint you hear about that unprecedented, racous cheer when Trump walked onto the field. That was not a vote of confidence for you, Sport.

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