Nevada Gov. Sisolak(D) to rioters, ‘Get the hell out of town’

RenoGazetteJournal: Mayor Hillary Schieve had a message for Reno on Sunday: “Love lives here, not hate.” 

At a press conference at the Reno Police Department, Schieve was joined by Gov. Steve Sisolak while people painted over graffiti in the background. 

Schieve said she was proud of the police response to the protest that turned violent on Saturday, citing law enforcement’s restraint. 

“We can replace property, we cannot replace people,” Schieve said.

She also told rioters that they will be prosecuted. 

“If you were rioting in our streets and doing things that were harmful to our city… we will not tolerate that,” she said…

Sisolak had a harsher message for those who came to Reno to riot: “Get the hell out of town.”  more here

8 Comments on Nevada Gov. Sisolak(D) to rioters, ‘Get the hell out of town’

  1. remember all this shit coming down … remember

    it’s all a result of the policies & appeasements of the ‘progressive’ governments of the d’rats & their sycophants in the demedia & HoWood

    remember in November!

  2. With all due respect Governor, it’s your party and their ilk that is behind this. Talk is cheap.

  3. Miss Kitty – no respect needed. He’s a giant piece of shit with Trump derangement. It’s so bad, he doesn’t allow doctors to Rx hydroxychloroquine to anyone with wuhanflu.

  4. Completely devoid of courage, wisdom, and reason, this dweeby faggot is certainly no leader. Like most democrats he sticks a wet finger in the air and agrees with whatever direction the wind is blowing.


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