Nevada Inmate’s death sentence delayed again: ‘Just Get It Done’

WJ: LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada death-row inmate whose execution has been postponed twice said a legal fight over his fate is taking a tortuous toll on him and his family and he just wants his sentence carried out.

The state should “just get it done, just do it effectively and stop fighting about it,” Scott Raymond Dozier told The Associated Press.

“I want to be really clear about this. This is my wish,” Dozier said in a brief telephone call from Ely State Prison. “They should stop punishing me and my family for their inability to carry out the execution.”

Dozier’s comments Wednesday came a month after a judge in Las Vegas postponed his execution at nearly the final hour.

Nevada law calls for capital punishment by lethal injection. But pharmaceutical companies nationwide have objected to their medicines being used in executions.  MORE


15 Comments on Nevada Inmate’s death sentence delayed again: ‘Just Get It Done’

  1. Just give the dude an OD of heroin. The addicts take it to feel good so that should end the arguments about the death penalty hurting.

  2. “Good night, Scott Raymond Dozier. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

  3. Aren’t there OTC meds that could be anonymously purchased that could do the same thing, with a large enough dosage?
    What is Big Pharm’s problem with having their drugs used for capital punishment? Very few know what is used, and where/who it comes from.
    But if all of the above fail, I like the idea of a heroin OD. I’m sure the state has some seized, stored somewhere, that could be used for this purpose.

  4. I agree with Geoff, a length of rope or a few rounds of 30-06 gets it done quite economically. Just ask Gary Gilmore or Saddam Hussein

  5. My adopted state of TN got it done 2 days ago. Executed a monster that raped and murdered a 7 year old little girl decades ago.

    The tears are running fresh around here.

  6. And wait… that he wants to be put to death, some do-gooder will file an appeal on his behalf asserting that he’s got to be mentally deficient since he wants to die, and obviously he’s not competent.
    If China is smuggling all that fentanyl in through Mexico, why don’t they just go out on the streets and buy it there?

  7. It is dozier’s wish to die. Don’t deny him.
    Give another death row inmate the go ahead to shiv the POS. Kinda like a prison make a wish foundation.

    The inmate would get special meals while on death row for doing what the State refused to do.

  8. And they cant use veterinarian-grade pharmaceuticals why? When I had to have my dogs put-down, they felt no pain.

    And when they give the lethal injections, why do they wipe down their arm with alcohol?

  9. I don’t care what his wish is, or that his family is suffering. He’s to blame for every bit of that.

    Execution should be a nasty surprise for the killers, like it was for their victims.

    Maybe there’s cyanide in their food. Maybe they get stabbed in the prison laundry. Maybe they get a plastic bag over their face while they sleep peacefully in their cell as their victim’s family remains grief-stricken and wakeful. Be creative, but get it done within 6 months.

    Once you’re on death row, your number will come up fairly fast, but you never know from which direction. Maybe they could allow bets on who gets what method and when, and give the proceeds to the families of the victims.

    Yeah, I’m feeling harsh today.


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