Never a dull moment when the first snowstorm hits

Patriot Retort: Boy, December sure didn’t waste any time, did it? We got hit with first snowstorm of the season at some point yesterday or last night.  And I had no idea it was coming.

I mean, I knew it was going to snow.  But the weather reports predicted three to five inches.  Yeah, no.  It was more like three times five inches. more

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6 Comments on Never a dull moment when the first snowstorm hits

  1. I know that cold and snow can be difficult, but some winter scenes can be gorgeous, like this one with the two dogs running a snow path, probably enjoying themselves in the winter wonderland.

  2. It’s wonderful for me now that I’ve taken employment wrenching in a friends small engine shop. God bless ethanol! First snow had over 100 snowblowers brought in, mostly with failure to start issues. God bless ethanol!

  3. In Seattle, the first snow fall always catches the forecasters totally off guard. Then they fall all over themselves predicting 28 feet of snow — at which point the temperature warms up 20 degrees.

  4. When I was a kid, my dad got me a snow shovel for my 10th birthday and said “go earn some of your own money”. It worked.

  5. ^^^^ I actually asked for a snow shovel for Christmas when I was 12, so I could do the same thing ^^^^ 😉

    … made some good $$$, for a kid … a buck a sidewalk


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