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Never Change, CNN


All [CNN President, Chris] Licht is doing is moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic. Alisyn “Gun-GrabbingRacial PanderingTrump-Deranged” Camerota and Jake “Russia Collusion Conspiracy Colluder and Lyin’ Election Meddler” Tapper move to primetime. Don Lemon moves to mornings. Smug-faced Jim Acosta, Brianna Keiller, John Berman, etc., all remain on the air.

It’s all a con, a hustle, a snow job… Licht is using this con in the hopes of attracting elite advertisers while continuing to spread left-wing lies, violence, and hate. More

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  1. I’m watching last night’s Tucker, he’s playing some video from CNN & MSNBC. There are a ~million people/night watching this idiocy? No way I believe 38% support Biden but it’s double digits for sure. WhoTF are these people?

    Good grief. We will never have peace in our lives. Ever. If the necessary River of Blood started right now, it won’t be over in my lifetime.

    WA passed an .08/bag tax. So I was in line with a cloth bag and made a joke about how Inslee frowns on people robbing him of his .08. Couple gals in front of me nervously smiled and said some “progressive” ideas were a little too much.

    I asked her when is gas too high or when is inflation too high? They said you can’t blame Biden for all of the increase. I said gas was under $2 for the last several years(remember the crazy gas under $1 for a while?) of Trump and only started rising right after Biden was declared the winner.

    I was nice about it & they were uncomfortable and that was that.

    It’s like living next door to the circus, a bat shit crazy evil circus.

  2. It’s is easy to spot the CNN watchers, their TDS score is off the the chart. More than once I’ve told someone they need to turn off CNN and I can see it in there face that CNN is their main source of information.
    Far to many people are letting the media make their decisions, to much work to think for themselves.

  3. The only thing I want to read about CNN is it’s total, irrevocable collapse.

  4. Its, not it’s. I wish this site had edit option.

  5. You got NewsMax & Fox (sometimes) whay else do you need.

  6. Both my Parents live with me,the youngest is 92.they watch CNN and the View on a daily basis.
    Prayers would be appreciated,


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