Never Gets Old…

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It’s increasingly likely that Bernie Sanders’ least favorite billionaire with delusions of grandeur is no longer Donald Trump, but Democrat Mike Bloomberg who is buying his way into a possible nomination, and stealing whatever else he needs.

In this case, it’s Bernie’s long promised platform of making the minimum wage $15 an hour – a hugely popular position among the multitude of young Sanders enthusiasts who have enough self-awareness to know that their careers are likely to peak while receiving minimum wage.

Although a late entry into the race, Bloomberg has a real shot at the nomination thanks to his ability to not only buy massive amounts of advertising, but also his willingness to buy endorsements and hire the best political strategists (more than he needs) at high rates just to keep them from working on the campaigns of other candidates. MORE

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  1. don’t forget he’s buying all the d’rat ‘delegates’ & party leaders in all the key districts

    he doesn’t need to run in primaries if he buys the nomination

    all politicians are for sale … like hookers, you just gotta negotiate their price

  2. No matter how much liberal Democrats hate President Trump, Bloomberg is even more hatable and obnoxious, even to a liberal.

  3. Sanders supporters are 30% of the Democrat Party. If Bloomers comes in and just buys the nomination, they will lose and it is the end of their party. Think, Hillary bought the DNC for a couple of million by bailing out their debt. Bloomers has over $50B and has already spent 5x more on ad buys than Republicans and Democrats spent together in 2000. For a primary that has him polling in single digits.

    So he buys bloggers and reporters and ads for TV stations that buy the statiin’s support.

    I’ve said the same thing about Republicans. There is no succession plan after Trump. 15 candidates lost to him. Neither party should exist anymore.

  4. Like Obama, both see the presidency as a path to wealth beyond what most of us can even imagine. In Bloomberg’s case he just can’t seem to amass enough.
    On the other hand we now have a man in office who’s willing to sacrifice his wealth for the betterment of his fellow americans, a position that likely hasn’t been seen in the country’s history since the founding.
    Personal character and integrity in politics is a rarity and president Trump, by miraculously being elected to office has given this country one more chance.


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