Never grovel for absolution from the Church of Social Justice

Patriot Retort: There’s a scene in the old Showtime series “The Tudors” where the King of France – donning sackcloth and stripped of his royal adornments – makes the pilgrimage to Rome.

This was done to show that even the most high were subjects to the Church – lowly penitents in need of absolution.

Well, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is pretty much doing the same thing — crawling on his hands and knees to beg forgiveness.

Except, he isn’t a penitent of the Catholic Church but rather a penitent in the Church of Social Justice.

After an employee at a Philadelphia Starbucks called the police on two men who weren’t ordering anything, Johnson immediately issued his mea culpa. But it wasn’t enough.

It’s never enough.

So today, appearing on “Good Morning America” Johnson offered more.

He said, “…I’d say there’s training, more training that we’re going to do with our store managers, not only around the guidelines but training around unconscious bias.”

“Unconscious bias.” Good grief.

Bow and scrape all you like, Kevin.

But no matter how penitent you are, the Church of Social Justice will never forgive.

After all, despite your mea culpa over the weekend, they still protested outside of that Starbucks. And they still are pushing for a boycott.  MORE HERE

19 Comments on Never grovel for absolution from the Church of Social Justice

  1. I remember when Starbucks wanted their baristas to engage customers in race discussions.

    I’m also hearing stories that these thugs were at Starbucks for NINE HOURS and didn’t buy a damn thing.
    OK, fine.
    Cops tell you to leave or you will be arrested.
    They don’t leave and get arrested.
    Don’t these cops know about black privilege?

    If I was the CEO I would say this shit doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. In big cities, bums and slackers will wreck up a place going for freebies. You have to limit it or get a full time cleaner as a public service. Meanwhile they will chase your customers away.

  3. First, I would analyze my market and see who my core customer base is. If my core customer base consists of progressives, then fine – I would grovel a bit. But if my core customer base is non-political, moderate or conservative, then I would start canning my progressive employees. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. If this CEO REALLY wanted to make amends, he would provide free coffee to all blacks. Kind of like reparations!

  5. Kind of off topic, but wasn’t the defiance against SJW by the voters give us this president?
    He soldiers on. We soldier on.

    I only raise this after watching the two liberal attack dogs, Stormy Daniels and her pustule lawyer who emerged from the nyc court room an hour ago to finger wag us. Angry libs. Ho hum, I guess.

    But Mr president soldiers on. And the left shrieks and bang their spoons on their highchairs.
    I am so tired of them.

  6. And the horse they rode in on while they are at it.

    Just as a comeuppance for all of the encouragement this shithole enterprise has subjected us to from phony baloney SJW types – rock on! If anyone deserves to have their businesses destroyed by the very mob they have been encouraging to sack others it is Starbucks.


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