Never smoke what you sell

Sheriff: Abandoned SUV in Texas had 1,127 pounds of marijuana inside, driver left wallet in vehicle.

(FOX NEWS) – This driver may have fled the scene, but left a very, very important clue behind for authorities.

The Brewster County Sheriff’s Office in Texas said on Facebook that deputies were conducting an operation with U.S. Border Patrol agents near Highway 90 when they recovered approximately 1,127 pounds of marijuana.

The marijuana was packaged and stacked from floor to ceiling inside the SUV in the county located along the U.S. border with Mexico. more here

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  1. Decriminalize on a Fed level already, this is getting,
    reeee-dick-culous. States are on the move on this one.

    It was legal once, so why not now? Booze and tobacco are legal! What’s the difference? Oh yeah, gubmint regulation.

    Go ahead, ‘change my mind’.

  2. Brewster County, Texas is in far West Texas. It’s huge, in fact, it’s bigger than some Northeastern states. If you crave wide open spaces, it’s made just for you. I visit Big Bend National Park as often as I can and I really appreciate the solitude that you can experience there. Too hot to go in the Summer, even by Texas standards, but it’s a magical place to explore if you’re adventurous.

  3. Like hard turds,the $hit is compressed
    when wet with 50 ton hydraulic jacks.Low
    grade, sells cheap.The Mexican Sativa fields
    have been overburdened and their strains are
    weak in the THC department.The contraband is
    so heavy and bulky that I am surprised the
    narco dudes mess with it.

  4. 🍁 GET A LAWYER 🍁

    There are probably a dozen reasons why someone’s wallet would be there.

    Maybe they just hitched a ride with the driver and their wallet fell out.

    Maybe it was stolen and left by someone else.

    Maybe he looked into the vehicle, saw all the marijuana, and ran for it, accidentally leaving it behind.

    Lent the wallet to a friend, and they wound up in the vehicle and dropped it.

    NOPE, admit nothing. No one saw you and the dope together, nor can link you to it, no way to prove you had anything to do with the growing, moving, or distributing of it.

    It’s a stupid “prohibition era” law, that shouldn’t even be on the books except it gives police something to do, and the Legal Industrial Complex makes hordes of money prosecuting and housing people because of it.

  5. I cannot believe there is still a market at all in the states for that low-grade mexicant compressed garbage that is full of fertilizer and mold along with whatever else they “cut” it with when 38 states and counting now allow some form of high-grade medical marijuana to be produced, and the trickle down effect from that brings that magical stuff to the rest of us.

    Go out in a farmers field and grab some hay to smoke…. it will taste better and probably get you more high than that mexicant crap without risking your freedom!

  6. Back in the day, I had friends in MO who had quite a large reefer distribution network. Spanned a number of states. Like the picture, they never bothered to hide their loads, they just had a tarp over it in the back of their vans.

    Anyway, one time on a run they found themselves in a long line of stopped vehicles as the police were looking for some convicts who had escaped from a nearby prison and they were looking into every car & truck.

    Not much they could do. Unbelievably, about a dozen cars in front of them, the cops found who they were looking for.

  7. Man, I sure would love it if they would decriminalize Insulin so I can get it off the streets like the stoners, for less than the 310 dollars I pay every month.
    But hey, priorities, right?

  8. When weed is decriminalized by the feds this country will be so f’d up in 10 years even the Russians and the chinese won’t want it.


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