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Never Trump Does The Hindenburg

CPR: That crashing sound and acrid burning smell you’ve noticed of late is the “NeverTrump” (NT) movement meeting political reality in the same manner the dirigible Hindenburg met the ground in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

To review the bidding, the NT cabal is led by a small coterie of Republican elitists and disgruntled king-makers. They think that the 13 million or so GOP voters who chose Donald Trump in the primaries (a record, by the way, and some two and a half million more votes than Mittens Romney received in 2012) should be given the middle finger, told to go pound sand, and then be expected to embrace whichever pliable stooge the establishment puts forward after they steal the nomination from Trump.

They are unlikely to succeed in overturning at the convention the clear popular choice of rank and file Republicans across the country, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying. Like the Hindenburg, NT is kept afloat by a combination of hot air and noxious gas. The most gaseous in the effort is William Kristol, he of the perpetual smirk. He has been holding his breath and stamping his feet since midway through the primary process. He’s throwing a gargantuan tantrum because the “little people” who make up the GOP base didn’t listen to them.

Billy Kristol’s main claim to fame is that he was Chief of Staff for Vice President Dan Quayle. Billy used to like to boast that he was the smartest person on Quayle’s staff.  As Charles Krauthammer observed, this “is akin to being the tallest building in Topeka Kansas.”

As if to prove Krauthammer correct, Billy’s first self-described “bombshell” for NT was to announce that David French would run as a third party alternative to Trump. If you are asking “David who?” you’re in good company. French is a writer nobody has ever heard of who writes for a once fine magazine, National Review, that nobody reads anymore. Eventually, even the anonymous Mr. French could see the Hindenburg-like trajectory of NT and withdrew from consideration. What followed was a series of trial balloons that made the Hindenburg look like the Starship Enterprise.

So the NT brain trust switched from recruiting a third party candidate to oppose Trump to stealing the nomination at the convention next week. I use the verb “steal” advisedly but correctly.  more

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  1. I never noticed before…it looks like a giant, flaming…thumb.

    “Oh, the thumanity, and all the passengers!”

  2. Hey.. what if #NeverTrump was a brilliant plan to give Trump a Washington Generals to play against, a team that would enhance his outsider status, reinforce popular notions about the establishment, and lure disgruntled democrats by acting like stereotypical republican villains towards Trump?

    I’m trying to be charitable here, okay?

  3. Even Michael Reagan has changed course.

    “I would say to the ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ crown,it’s over Trump is the nominee and now you need to change your tune to ‪#‎NeverHillary‬ @realDonaldTrump”

  4. Fact check: The Hindenburg actually crashed in Monroe Township, a municipality that wholly surrounds Lakehurst. Lakehurst was the trip’s ultimate destination.

    Extra credit assignment: Name another municipality in New Jersey that is wholly surrounded by another. (Hint: it’s in Middlesex County.)

  5. Bill Kristol also was responsible for foisting Sarah Palin off on John McCain and the nation. He doesn’t take credit for that anymore, and I suspect that he will forget his Never Trump movement as things progress. He represents a modern equivalent of the Rockefeller Republicans who opposed Barry Goldwater.

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