Never Trumpers and Black Lives Matter Have the Same Backer

Frontpage: The press releases went out on schedule and the media rewrote them into news stories. A group of “principled” Republicans was going to fundraise to support Democrat congressmen.

The stories rolled out on schedule from different media outlets while appearing nearly identical. And the real story, as usual, was not what was on the page, but what had been deliberately left out. Reuters described the Renew America Movement as a group of Never Trump Republicans “whose leadership includes former Republican Governors Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and Bill Weld of Massachusetts.” Hardly a single story mentioned the actual leaders.

The Renew America Movement was co-founded by Evan McMullin (pictured above) and his running mate Mindy Finn. Its national political director, Joel Searby, who is quoted in the media’s writeups, was the chief strategist for the McMullin campaign. Donations to RAM go through Stand Up Republic, which is the anti-Trump group that McMullin and Finn originally set up. The press release for the new pro-Democrat campaign even came from Stand Up Republic. The media actually had to work not to mention McMullin or Stand Up Republic in its stories about the RAM campaign.

And the media did a fine job of lying by omission to the public in order to elect Democrats.

Why not mention McMullin and Stand Up Republic? McMullin launching another anti-Republican effort wouldn’t be news. His presidential bid was a pathetic disaster and his current Utah Senate campaign isn’t likely to fare much better. In 2017, he was described as owing $670,000 from his presidential campaign. That still appears to be the case. By 2018, there were still complaints that he still owed staffers tens of thousands of dollars and that the financial mess was due to “frivolous spending by McMullin and his campaign manager Joel Searby.” more here

10 Comments on Never Trumpers and Black Lives Matter Have the Same Backer

  1. No shit? Of course they do. It’s the same group in charge of destroying America. Tell me something I don’t know.

    Biden is illegitimate as well as this government and it’s policies designed to destroy America.

  2. McMuffin…….Utah! (PTUI!)
    I’m just as glad that I work where I do, and won’t likely run across McMuffin.
    Otherwise you’d be reading the headlines “Utah Local Runs Over McMullin”, and I’d be reading that same headline from the local gaol.

  3. Anyone who had a problem with my assessment of the Republican establishment want to continue the conversations regarding my contention that establishment Republicans are lower than Democrats?

    At least Democrats are open and honest about their designs. These bastards hide in the dark and take shots from behind a veil of respectability at America.

  4. The failed and rejected never=trumpers and the bogus lives don’t matta as well as the majority of RINOs are funded by George Soros, bribed and paid for by the globalist greed-saturated fiend with known and chronic stoner kids.

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