#NeverTrump is no longer a movement that can prevent the Trump nomination

#NeverTrump has officially gone down in parliamentary flames. There will be no coup in Cleveland. Trump is the GOP nominee. Any further #NeverTrump campaigning is simply assisting Hillary Clinton.


A long-shot, last-ditch attempt by a few Republican delegates to prevent Donald Trump from securing the GOP nomination failed by an overwhelming margin late Thursday night.

Some anti-Trump delegates on the Republican National Convention Rules Committee sought a strategy to unbind convention delegates, allowing them to vote their conscience against Trump even if they were bound to him by primary results. Delegates loyal to Trump and the Republican National Committee fought back by proposing a counter-measure to clarify that all delegates are bound to vote based on the primary results.

The votes came near the end of a marathon 14-hour session of the rules committee to set any changes ahead of next week’s convention to officially nominate Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. The first vote, on the pro-Trump measure to keep delegates bound, passed easily, 87 to 12.

Immediately following that vote, Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate who has led the efforts to unbind the delegates, offered her highly anticipated amendment. She gave a speech beforehand calling the ability to vote one’s conscience a “God-given right.”

“The right to conscience is not just something that we’ve decided is a cool idea. It’s something that is the very basis of our nation,” Unruh said. “It is why the pilgrims came here and founded our nation. It is a God-given right to why we have the Bill of Rights.”

Immediately after that, however, Michigan delegate Matt Hall moved to end debate on the measure, and more than two-thirds of the committee, 77 to 21, voted to cut off all debate while some anti-Trump delegates, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee, were still waiting to speak on the matter.

The committee then voted against Unruh’s amendment by voice vote, with the opposition so clear that a recorded vote was deemed unnecessary.

Though there are other potential moves for the anti-Trump candidates that are even longer shots than the rules committee plan, the vote against Unruh’s amendment effectively ended the “Never Trump” movement and sealed Trump’s fate to be nominated here next week.


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  1. And unlike the bad olde days when the GOP loaded Geo. H.W. Bush onto Reagan’s ticket, Trump won’t have to endure Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan or another squish ‘conservative’ as his VP !

  2. Mike Lee is a total dick: “So I say to Mr. Trump and those who’ve aligned with him: Make the case. Make the case to those delegates who want to have a voice. Make a case they should use their voice to support him. Don’t make the case that their voices should be silenced.”

    Ya wanna case, a§$h*le?! TRY THIS: it’s called THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, THE AMERICAN VOTER. YOU, as a DELEGATE, are merely a vessel OF THOSE VOICES. So F*CK YOU, Lee.

  3. The #NeverTrump people trying to unbind delegates in the court must be the stupidest people on Earth. The best they could hope for if they succeed is to put in a candidate that at least half the remaining party wouldn’t vote for, and nobody would bother voting in the GOP primaries in 2020 or likely ever again. The party would be essentially dead at that point.

  4. Defeated 87 to 12? Hmm. A woman delegate (I think from CO) who was described as a leader of the movement, swore on FNC the other day that they had the votes “definitely!”

    CTH had a livestream link and we listened to the proceedings for about three hours (while we were doing other stuff). If you had a chance to listen in, it’s plain why one must have a special devotion to party politics to undergo 14 hours (!), with rapt attention, as you wend your way through “The Amendment to the Amendment Number 10.b.iii to Amendment 29.A.12, to Rule 11.”

    Nonetheless, there were several other attempts to rules changes — lead also by Cruz and Kasich diehards — that were along the same lines as the main event; to give, as they put it, more power to the grassroots (which was unmistakable code for usurpation by a few). One anti-arguer accurately described one such amendment as “a solution looking for a problem.”

  5. ..And I would add that there was a few instances in which the #NT speakers insinuated that the RNC Chair and others of the RNC were not “conservative”. They were argued down by at least one commenter addressing the committee, who basically said “how silly”.

    I did not like the statement, however, that Reince Preibus was responsible for the turnout in the 2010 and 2012 elections. The RNC still falsely believes it has more clout than the real grassroots.

  6. Hahahahahaha…how sweet it is !

    These clowns have been annoying for months and are too stupid to be totally embarrassed

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