NeverTrumpers’ Smug self-congratulation and groveling delight in being praised by progressives

Frontpage-–President Trump in his first year has succeeded at realizing many long-time conservative goals like tax reform and deregulation, to name a few. But for NeverTrump grumps, these achievements seem to intensify their bitter-ender anger at a political parvenu. Puffed up with self-regard about the purity of their “principles,” many have doubled-down on their criticisms of Trump’s brash, vulgar demeanor, coming off like the pompous Judge Smails sputtering over Al Czervik’s trashing of the Bushwood Country Club.

The latest outburst came from columnist Mona Charen after she lectured the CPAC attendees about their hypocrisy over the recent sexual harassment disclosures. Writing for The New York Times––the premier gate-keeper of “correct” opinion –– Charen reprised her scolding of Trump supporters that signaled to progressive monitors she is free from the Trump pox. But all she achieved beyond a pat on the head from progressives was to remind Trump voters why they rejected over a dozen establishment Republicans and then the deplorable Hillary Clinton in favor of an insurgent bulldozing his way through the stale received wisdom of those Republican politicians and pundits who’d rather be liked than win.

Most of Charen’s column comprises her self-congratulation about her “bravery,” and her claim that she and other NeverTrumpers “built and organized this party,” but now have been turned into “interlopers.” She criticizes as cowards Republicans who don’t trash Trump, and who have let “bad actors take control of the direction of our movement.” It’s interesting how Charen let slip the NeverTrumpers’ anger at the “Trumpified” common people who have crashed the elite’s private soirée, as though a political party is a swanky country club rather than a mechanism for mobilizing support for policies that serve all party members rather than a narrow political class.

This is the same thinly veiled snobbery, by the way, regularly indulged by arch-NeverTrumper Bret Stephens, who has joined David Brooks as another Times house-conservative. Stephens was delighted with Charen’s performance, and in his own column delivered perhaps the most useful explanation for why millions of Americans turned against the establishment and its mouthpieces:

Liberals tend to admire NeverTrumpers, because they see them as conservatives with a moral sense and, perhaps, a brain. By contrast, MAGA Republicans — whether of the fully or merely semi-Trumpified varieties — detest NeverTrumpers with an animus they can scarcely extend to liberals or progressives.

Talk about smug self-congratulation and a groveling delight in being praised by progressives. Let’s turn Stephens’ slur against him and his ilk: it’s the NeverTrumpers who “detest” Trump supporters with an “animus” they have never extended to Barack Obama, a disaster for the country both at home and abroad, or Hillary Clinton, who committed numerous violations of her oath to uphold the Constitution and the nation’s laws. Nothing Trump has done equals those substantive failures. more here

10 Comments on NeverTrumpers’ Smug self-congratulation and groveling delight in being praised by progressives

  1. stop digging, Mona.

    How’s that never trumper dating site working for you?

    I need to check. Maybe there is such site.

  2. I have long referred to the Republican establishment as at least as great a threat to America as the Democratic Party, it is great to see that they themselves are making it so blatantly obvious that I don’t get much of an argument from others (who should have known better) any longer.

  3. Conservatives have called the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama team “THE UNIPARTY” for decades. The last 2 years – it seem to me – shows conservatives were right. For all practical purposes there is no significant Dif between the GOP libs and the Dem libs!

  4. NeverTrump grumps – love it! Hahahahahahaha

    Ridicule, works for both the left and the left-lite (RINOs).

  5. Never-Trumpers are weak and slow witted. The culturally and intellectually superior people in this great nation support President Trump, so naturally, the establishment dullards and their toadies got their panties in a bunch about being put in their place. They are inconsequential… yesterday’s news at best, and they know it. Fuck ‘em all.


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