New Ad Exposes Conor Lamb’s Spokesman’s Death Wish on Opponent Sean Parnell

DanBongino: Last month, we reported on the latest developments in the race for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district between Democrat incumbent Conor Lamb and Republican Sean Parnell, where the latest development at the time was Lamb’s spokesman and brother Coleman Lamb tweeting a death wish for Parnell.

At the time, Parnell’s campaign sent out a press release, saying that “[T]he social media post targeting Sean Parnell, a highly decorated combat veteran, indicates a new low for Conor Lamb’s campaign.” more here

5 Comments on New Ad Exposes Conor Lamb’s Spokesman’s Death Wish on Opponent Sean Parnell

  1. Wishing evil on others often seems to twist back onto the sender.
    Putting “burning in hell and dying” into it is not a wise thing for someone who doesn’t believe in God’s Laws to do.
    Jesus told us to “pray for those who curse you.”
    That is hard to do but we must try.

  2. Democrats are so afraid of this election, they are declining to mention their political affiliation in their adds.
    See any party affiliation in his website?
    Saw a political commercial, something sounded fishy, looked him up.
    Freshman congressman, looks and sounds like he’s scared of something.

  3. The scariest part of the burn in hell and die message is the fact that today’s progressive party would physically do such things if allowed. The COVID lockdown and persecution of any business or individuals not in lockstep, is just a tiny peek into their power hungry jaws and empty souls.


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