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New Assault On The First Couple’s Marriage

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It’s not enough to speculate over whether the Trumps have hit a rough patch in their marriage due to all the free publicity given to porn nobody, Stormy Daniels. With that story line nearing exhaustion, there are some in the media who are openly speculating about what a divorce settlement between the first couple would look like. More




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  1. If it isn’t outright “Fake News” the media speculates on fantasy scenarios.

    Journalism is dead, full out manipulation and propaganda is the fare of the day. Whatever it takes to gain ratings, sell failing newspapers or follow the agenda of the progressive/socialists.

  2. How much will Chelsea Clinton get when her dad dies of STDs and her mom goes to prison?

    Will the Haitians really care?

  3. The Daily Mail chronicles every time they think they witness Melania refusing to hold his hand-and why. Oof.

  4. I didn’t buy the production of the Obamas or the people around them. Anything as tight, and tightly controlled, as the history of Moose and Li’l O, should be probed and fictitiously written about like the Trumps.

  5. Well, the left has been trying to divorce themselves from the Trump presidency so I hope they get fucked.

  6. But but but…. Melania looks like she has had some “work” done, not like the natural beauty of Michelle ma Bell……

  7. They’ve been talking shit about Trump since way before he became president. So, if all that shit they’re spouting is true, why wouldn’t Melania have divorced him looong before this? It’s not like she couldn’t make it on her own (with child support). What an eye-roller.

  8. Like Mueller, keep digging. You have nothing YET. Very soon Americans will get very sick of you, if they aren’t already. I certainly am, so phuck off! Lame Stream Media.
    It’s been over a year and I’ve seen nothing positive reported about anything President Trump has done. Even FOX news throws curve balls. I’m sick of it.

  9. They are running out of outrage fodder.
    But no matter, the speculation army will march on.
    Perhaps we shall see clues of Mr. Trump’s collusion with the Pliedians to sell off Earth’s sea water.
    Or he’s selling illegal immigrants to the Mantis Hegemony to work in the nickle mines on Rigel 5
    Perhaps the secret will come out that he’s actually one of those Reptilian bastards David Ike goes on about.

  10. Melania has agreed to leave the Donald and move in with me in North Central Kansas….count it as truth….

  11. The amount of negative press on Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016 I believe was a major factor in him getting elected, because most Americans hate the press. So all these attempts to throw dirt will backfire come 2020.

  12. If the Trump’s divorced, would that be a high crime, a misdemeanor, treason, or obstruction of justice?

    Would a second special prosecutor be needed, or could Muldoon fit it in to his busy schedule? How many Congressional committees would investigate?

  13. @Doc

    It’s been done before, by Presidential Executive Order;

    Abraham Lincoln
    Executive Order—Arrest and Imprisonment of Irresponsible Newspaper Reporters and Editors
    May 18, 1864

    Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus, a power given explicitly to Congress, and his administration arrested more than 14,000 political prisoners and suppressed or shut down more than 300 newspapers.
    Journalists were hindered in news gathering and were arrested
    for publishing opinions. Telegraph dispatches were censored and editors were given instructions on what could or could not be published.

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