New Benghazi Info Confirms Hillary is Lying Scum

Hillary is still going around hosting her pity party, audaciously. This woman should be grateful she is not behind bars for her lies and coverups.

I hate her like poison.

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  1. I get the feeling that Hillary probably outdid her Benghazi evil with whatever she and DWS were doing regarding ,Seth Rich and the DNC. Hillary is a vengeful, psychotic sociopath with no inhibition. God only knows what massive, twisted shit she’d be doing as POTUS under deep state protection.

  2. I am enjoying the Hillary implosion, but more from the perspective of those who pushed this lying witch and had her back on everything. The press, the pundits, the elite, Hollywood, the corrupt liberal establishment. They were all sycophants who touted her as the messiah with a vagina, lied about the polls, never talked about her scandals, lies, crimes.

    Sycophants with agendas.

    It’s hard to shame a liberal, but they must be more and more embarrassed as the she continues to get coverage and interviews for her blame tour. They loved her, and now THEY CAN’T SHUT HER UP!! AWKWARD!!

    Hey Georgie Stephanopoulos, how’s that double digit lead sounding about now??


  3. We have no evidence of wrong doing, not even a smidgen.
    The MSM wouldn’t recognize evidence against Killary if it kicked them in the arse. We need justice Mr. Sessions.

  4. Chris Steven was assassinated because he knew too much about the illegal transfer of the weaponry of the Libyan army to the ISIS terrorists. Both Hillary and Obama should’ve already been put on trial but the spineless government knows that arresting Obama will be the start of the biggest race riots this countries ever seen and possibly a race war.

  5. So a country that was our mortal enemy for 40 years, they SWOOPED right in and set up an embassy and an ambassador. Doesn’t it take time to cultivate a relationship to get to that level? What’s the hurry?

    Oh, right. They needed a jumping off point to run guns to terrorists in Syria.

  6. Rush aired some of her recent interview (gah!) and it was incredibly chilling to hear the lies just roll right off her tongue without pause. “Well, you know, Comey never should have opened up the investigation…you know, I lost a significant women’s vote because Trump started that ridiculous “lock her up” thing, …. you know….”

    Either she has an utter inability to realize her complete lack of retail campaigning in key states and that she stood for NOTHING except “I hate Trump and his supporter!” or she is mentally deranged. No one says it can’t be both.

    Thank you, God, for your blessing of President Trump. Amen.

  7. @Tricky Dick — Precisely so. The only reason Stevens was in Benghazi was to oversee arms shipments. Everyone else had pulled out in the runup to 9/11 anniversary. Way too dangerous. All the injured were told to shut up about it.

  8. I’d like to sew Hilliar up in a goat suit and drop her right in the middle of Benghazi where she can spend the rest of her life being mounted by numerous sons of allah. Might improve her appearance also.

  9. The downfall of Libya, McCain working with the FSA (terrorists), Hillary’s emails, a corrupt congress, the Pentagon covering up massive weapons transfers through their own paperwork hijinks, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, Amran Awan (a.k.a Yaba Daba Doo), and the media writ large are all involved in something bigger than most people can surmise.

    Evil is as evil does.

  10. Read it. Watched it and the 4 survivors gave a talk in Richmond that I attended. Fully aware of the malfeasance that Hillary and Barack have yet to answer for.

    They may never have to until their final judgement.

  11. There were some 33(!) survivors of the Benghazi attack. All of them and additional federal employees and contractors were required to sign non-disclosure agreements, including people with the CIA, DoD, and Dept. of State.

    Rep. Wolfe (R) Virginia tried to get to the bottom of why obama would not release a list of those survivors, some whose names were never revealed.

    You can never convince me that the Oversight Committee ever came close to trying to find out the causes and actors in this immense coverup. And this is only one of the many crimes Killery committed while head of State in which she should have been prosecuted.

    Sessions is completely underwhelming as AG. Biggest disappointment of Trump’s admin.

  12. I’m with Fritz the Cat-
    Keep digging, hillary! Keep alienating your friends. lol. All that work they did for her and she stabs them in the front, the sides, the back…. LMAO!
    I wonder if she has more dirt to release on 0bama?

  13. “Sessions is completely underwhelming as AG. Biggest disappointment of Trump’s admin.”

    AA- Don’t I know it! I’m at the point where I’m going to have to just pretend like Trump hasn’t picked an AG yet and act like Sessions isn’t there.

  14. Much worse than just a liar.
    She and imposter O’Bama let
    4 Americans be tortured and murdered on live TV that they WATCHED
    when they could have prevented it and in fact gave a
    STAND DOWN order to the forces that could prevent and rescue them.
    She and O’Bama are
    and should be treated as
    NOTHING less.

  15. She’s jumping her own shark-self.
    She actually thinks the DNC will let her run in 2020
    Those socialist bastards will rig the election for Bernie next time
    Hilary has worn out her welcome
    She will end up taking the fall for everything during Barry’s term. They will throw her under the bus if anything comes close to America’s first Half Black President.

  16. You can’t sling a dead cat on the internet the past two days since the blockbuster “What Happened” was released. So sick of looking at her and hearing her excuses. The next picture I want to see of Shrillery is on an orange jumpsuit doing a perp walk.

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