New! BIGGER! 2016 ObamaCare penalties


That “affordable” health care the Democrats gave us in 2010 – on a reconciliation vote when none of them had read the entire 2,000-plus-page bill – sure keeps getting harder to afford. Of course, since ObamaCare is an unconstitutional mandate on individuals to purchase a product offered by private companies, it’s also quite difficult to afford not buying it – even though the product itself continues to devolve further into craptasm.


Welcome to 2016, where the penalty you’ll face for not buying a product that’s now a bigger ripoff than ever will explode as follows:

  Households that opt to go without health insurance in 2016 are set to get hit with an average Obamacare fine of $969.

That is 47 percent higher than the average $661 penalty per uninsured household for this year, a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed Wednesday.

And households without insurance that earn too much to qualify for financial aid to buy Obamacare plans will pay an even larger fine for 2016 — an average of $1,450, versus the average of $1,177 for 2015.

Uninsured households that would qualify for Obamacare subsidies to help pay for coverage face an average fine of $738 — nearly double the $389 average for this year.

Of course, if it’s more expensive than ever not to buy insurance, it’s also more difficult than ever to buy it.


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  1. I refused to provide any health insurance/medical information on my 2014 1040. And I did not pay any fine nor did I get billed. I will do the same thing for 2015. As I am self employed and pay quarterly and when filing, there isn’t anything they can do.


    I bet millions did exactly the same thing so you can bet your ass that they’re cooking something up.

  2. I think this year some of the leeches are going to get caught in fhe snare between credits and fines for no insurance. And, I think more are catching on to the high deductibles and doctors not accepting Obysmalcare insurance.

  3. Not to worry … as soon as the Republicans retake the House and Senate, they’re going to repeal that abomination …

    right? right?

    *knock*knock*knock* is there anybody out there?

  4. Darn it! Abuela Nancy has explained on numerous occasions that they had to first pass the bill before they could find out whats in it. They are now involved in the expected lengthy process of finding out, just as we are!

  5. Dear Barry, you miserable piece of shit.
    I cannot afford your insurance.
    Now the IRS is fining me.
    I USED to have a catastrophe policy. Cost me $50 a month
    Now I either buy insurance pay a thousand a month for me and Mrs. Lazlo AND we’ll have an eight thousand dollar deductible EACH
    I will never buy insurance under duress.
    The fine may get expensive.
    But the fine is cheap compared to bowing my neck for of a two bit dime store punk who hit the political lottery and his Communist Handlers.
    That is a bit rich for my blood.

    I must abstain.
    F*CK YOU Barry I hope you die of ass cancer.

  6. What are the numbers? How many are insured? How many refuse or just don’t give a crap about getting insured?

  7. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 50 times: If you really think it’s unconstitutional, quit paying your fucking taxes.

    PS – it is unconstitutional.

    Let us get their attention for once. Our ancestors think we are pussies – and they are right.

  8. Unless your last name is Rangel or Sharpton AND you have the correct skin color, you will go to gaol for not paying your taxes. Please note that ‘color’ alone will not spare you a jail sentence; Chuck Berry and Wesley Snipes went to jail for non-payment of taxes.

  9. Do you have a bank account? If so do you keep money in that bank account? If the answer is yes then your taxes will be paid. We’ll get to the pink slip on your vehicle later.
    Money is too digital to effectively stage a tax revolt. They’ll just take it.

  10. If you work, it’ll just come straight off your check like soc. security, and you’ll get dinged on your taxes for penalties and still owed. That’s what I bet will happen. Hell, maybe they’ll penalize your boss’ company for letting you get away with something.

  11. A tax revolt only works if you’re willing to live off the “grid” and barter for your keep. It could possibly work at the state level if any of our state governors and representatives had any backbone or courage – but that’s always a stretch in a politician. As a regular human, instead of paying 15% (or whatever) they’ll take 100% and probably kill you, or at least imprison you. But if ya ain’t got nuthin – like Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, and millions of ghetto ferals – you don’t gotta pay nuthin!

  12. Okay, how about this:

    Do any of you have enough guts to DELAY YOUR FILING?

    And no Brad, I DON’T have any money in a bank account. I have about $25 just to keep the credit card open. Everything else I cash out immediately.

    If they come for my job earnings – I’ll quit. I don’t need the job that badly. I own my vehicle. I also know how to hide my cell phone from surveillance in case I decide to vacate the area.

    We, as a nation, need to relearn how to say NO!

  13. I haven’t claimed health insurance (I pay cash for dr. visits/meds) and I haven’t received any notice of fines. Could get one next year though, for not having insurance in 2015.

  14. They’ll take your vehicle too. Seen it happen. There’s not enough people willing to “Do with out” to accomplish what you suggest. Let’s try plan B.

  15. Don’t forget the official name of this tyranny is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A name chosen to deceive us and conceal it’s true purpose. Not Obamacare.

    That’s as important to remember as knowing that the 2nd Amendment does not give us the right to own arms, it’s only intended to restrict the government from infringing on that right.

    Anyway, the government will commit legal but immoral theft of my money to pay the fine for refusing to submit to purchasing insurance from the No Patient Protection and UN-Affordable Health Care Act Exchange. However, unless I’m not understanding the punishment. The punishment will cost me less than one month’s insurance premium.

    With the risk being if I or someone in the family becomes seriously ill or has a serious accident – I’ll be wiped out financially. Life savings gone to pay the hospital bills.

  16. This administration’s got nuthin on the Mob. It’s just an official version of the age-old protection racket! Remember it’s just a tax… which is a fine for existing.
    BTW – if anybody happens to see Justice Roberts having an epileptic seizure in the swimming pool, don’t fergit to throw in a box of soap and a load of laundry!

  17. Actually it’s the other way round. The thefts and shake downs done by the mob are illegal. They risk being sent to prison. The thefts and shake downs done by the federal government are mostly legal. They get buildings and highways named after them.

    Thus the admin got sumthin’ on the mob, their crimes are legal.

    Which in my view makes what the federal government does worse than what the mob does. At least the mobster risk something. All the politician risk is a few people calling them bad names, They don’t care. They know there are enough idiots who will keep voting them into office as long as they throw enough of other people’s money to them.

    Many federal employees who should be in prison are not. Some retired from the IRS or other fed agency and are collecting a large pension after committing their crimes. They know the corrupt in positions of power will protect them even when they cross into mobster-like territory of illegal activities. This is otherwise known as tyranny.

  18. How To Avoid Paying The ObozoCare IRS Tax/Fine.

    Much of what I will say will sound simple, even simplistic, but I think it necessary to build step-by-step.
    This assumes that you have control over your own finances: paycheck, taxes, retirement, dividends, and all other monetary inputs and outputs and can make your own adjustments as necessary.
    Background: we’re all used to having our income (paychecks, retirement, etc) tax withholding adjusted so that they are equal to or less than our true family size.
    Example: Married with two children = 4 withholding. You declare 4, maybe even 3, so that The Gooberment will withhold enough taxes from your income so that you won’t get hit in the wallet come April 15. You may even get a REFUND (oooohhhhh!) of the money that you have “loaned” to Oincle Sham, interest free, over the past year. In fact, Oincle Sham COUNTS on this interest free loan of your annual refund tax return money, to help “him” (her/it) pay the bills and stay afloat during the year.

    Background: The Tax/Fine that the IRS levies on anyone who does NOT have acceptable health insurance,comes SOLELY out of your income tax REFUND. At this time, the IRS CANNOT levy the fine separately and directly to you, (not too sure how this would work with a business. if anyone wants to give this a try, let me know how it works out – or not).

    Action: INCREASE your income tax withholding to their true value + 1. No more than that. Again, using our example above, married with two children = 4, increase that tax withholding to 5. Create a savings / checking account, separate from your normal income deposit account, to set aside that extra money that is now NOT being taken out of your income. Possibly add a little bit more, just in case. So now your income and tax withholding are set up so that Oincle Sham takes out SOME tax money from your income, but not enough to cover all your tax due at the end of the year. YOU are now setting aside that difference in YOUR account.

    ((FYI #1, you’re NOT going to get rich off the interest by sticking your money over the year in an average bank or Credit Union account.))

    ((FYI #2, you may get hit with a separate small fee for not paying enough of Your Fair Share during the year. I suspect it has something to do with insufficient Quarterly Taxes being paid during the year). If you “withhold” and set aside too much of your own money (i.e., increase income tax withholding by 2 or more), then Oincle Sham takes less during the year, and hits you up with a bigger fine at tax time.))

    So now, at income tax time, YOU will end up paying the IRS, and for now they can’t add any additional Tax/Fine to your Income Tax payment for NOT having the proper ObozoCare. And if there is any money left over from paying The Toll To The Troll, consider it a bonus. Have fun with it.

    At this point, the IRS is no longer re-paying you with your own money, and does not have any power to control and withhold it from you to pay the ObozoCare Tax/Fine.

    Just remember that once you get this going, it can be addicting. Keep it going all year. Remember to keep track of what your account balance is as of December 31, and use only that much to pay The IRS. Anything you have deposited after 1 January needs to be used for NEXT year’s Troll Tax payment.

  19. @B Woodman.
    I had read that was the case last year. Yet when I had our taxes done the people who prepared our taxes gave us a separate form saying I had to pay the Obamacare fine for not having health insurance the last 3 months of 2014. Something like $350. And a separate form for not having enough withheld during the year. About $80. If I recall the amounts correctly. I will certainly question this more vigorously this year. And will check to see if the form is a government form or a form made by the tax preparer company to do a their own cya.

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