New Bill Would Make State, Local Governments Accountable For ‘Autonomous Zone’ Crimes

Federalist: A new federal bill introduced by Republican Congressmen Chip Roy and Ted Budd would let crime victims in “autonomous zones” such as the one set up in Seattle sue state or local governments for damages.

The Justice for Victims of Lawless Cities Act would enable murder, rape, or other felony victims (or their families, if a victim has died or is otherwise incapable of bringing suit) to recover damages from the governments that abandoned them to the jurisdiction of lawless anarchists. Additionally, anyone whose business was harmed “within a lawless autonomous zone” may bring suit against the government.

“This bill would be a strong incentive to local jurisdictions to break up any remaining lawless zones or prevent one from being established in the first place,” said Rep. Budd (R-N.C.).

The bill comes after multiple shootings in Seattle’s infamous “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone/Occupied Protest” left two African-American teenagers dead and another in critical condition. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin allowed the autonomous zone to continue for weeks, calling it a “block party” and a “summer of love,” as protesters barred police from the area. Meanwhile, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best reported additional “assaults, rape, robbery, [and] shootings” after police left the precinct. MORE HERE

15 Comments on New Bill Would Make State, Local Governments Accountable For ‘Autonomous Zone’ Crimes

  1. The Democrats control congress, they decide what will or will not -particularly will not- become law.

  2. I doubt it will get through the House – House Demoncraps will show their true colors and defeat it.

  3. No not some nebulous “government”. The criminal and civil liability should reside with any and all elected and appointed officials who are in a decision making position and fail to take positive action to prevent this shit or trying to impede any one who is.

  4. In case you haven’t seen them, there are photo’s of tuff guy Chaz being arrested. Crying like a little fucking girl. Hilarious.

  5. How about all federal, state, local, and civil laws be immediately suspended for persons residing in a AZ. Basically, a purge situation. Persons displaced by a an AZ would be therefore immune to any prosecution for any level of force used to evict the squatters.

  6. The responsible politician should personally have to pay, not the taxpayers. They should be prosecuted as well.

  7. @AC (3:25 PM) — Yes, declare Autonomous Zoners to be outlaws, meaning outside any protection from the criminal and civil “justice” systems.

    Fair game. Open season. No bag limit.

  8. the day after L. Lerner starts her 15 year jail term the bill will pass.
    don’t hold your breath

  9. I would like to see a law that makes each person arrested for participating in a riot responsible for an equal share of the Total damages. The more people arrested, the smaller each individual’s share. This would encourage the participants to rat on their “friends” who got away.

  10. @Bad Brad – that youstuub Chaz idiot vid was great! I loved the backstory and the chase. (I wish we could take gun care/shooting lessons from you. Mr. Conduct is great, but he says he always can learn something too. I’m looking into that Ruger.)

    DJT is on Hannity right now kicking butt.

  11. Miss Conduct

    That Rugers an awfully small gun. I can teach you to shoot a 9 mil, via e mail, with no problems.

  12. I guess much of Oklahoma would not be included in that since SCOTUS just gave much of it to the Indians.
    At first I was a little peeved, still am actually, but looking for a silver lining that should mean I don’t have to live under white man’s laws, so I guess they can’t make me pay property taxes, state income tax, sales tax or federal income tax.

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