New Black Panthers Leader, Quanell X, Gets Shot

It’s not what you think. He went through police training. On one hand he was emptying his clip into perps that may or may not have had a gun, sweating it out, scared. On the other hand he’s still saying he thinks “some” cops are rotten. What’s that called? Stuck on stupid?

Of course some cops are rotten. That doesn’t seem to stop #BLM from condemning each and every instance as racism and white privilege and corruption.


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  1. Quanell the Tenth does seem fairly observant and open to other perspectives, at least compared to BLM halfwits.

  2. Magazine. Palesze.

    I’ve seen this before. I think he realized what LEO face daily. He’s still running his mouth though.

  3. Hold on. This video is a least a year old. In between now and then he’s been all in favor of Black Lives Matter. I’m hoping he’s listening to Trump.

  4. Fur, Febuary 3rd 2015. He’s said some bad shit between then and now. Like I say, I hope he’s ready to get off the plantation.

  5. Brer Al and Brer Jesse be gettin’ old.

    Young bruthah Quanell, he be bidin’ his time.

    Waiting patiently. Spinnin’ his web, jes’ like a spider.

    -with a thank you to Hattie McDaniel

  6. I apologize, BFH, for being overly touchy about this, but he emptied a MAG with one hand. It was a MAGAZINE. MAGAZINE – Got that? NOT a clip. A clip is different. Go on YouTube and look at any one of dozens of videos about the M1 Garand, the main US military battle rifle of WWII and Korea. That rifle uses an en bloc clip. There are also stripper clips, but those don’t go into the firearm and are used to make loading magazines easier and faster.

    All semi-automatic handguns use MAGAZINES. I’m not aware of one single exception in the hundreds, heck thousands, of different models of semi-autos over the years. (I’m sure Brad will correct me if I’m wrong, and if I am wrong I need to know it.)

  7. A clip feeds a magazine. A magazine goes in the gun. I’m finding the hottest pistol I can find and sending it to FUR. One of those Obama Mexican guns. That gun, will teach him to carry concealed. LOL But he’ll be bad ass after a year. Hee Hee

  8. I occasionally get Viet Vets in the shop and they all call Mags Clips. Out of respect I Never correct them. Great guys. They usually pull up all riding Harley’s. 10 or 12 white, 4 or 5 black and they’re color blind. Two Saturday’s out of the month they like to show up and I’m honored. Funny ass guys. And yes all voting for DJT.

  9. @BB, Heh, “hottest”, Smith .460 XVR for a wheel gun, Desert Eagle .50 for a s/auto. He can use ‘clips’ on the wheel gun.
    The Mesicans like to gold plate them.
    Hot, oh, you mean illegal, no 4473, why, that’s criminal.

  10. Hey, you’re the one who said “hottest”, it was after I typed it I realized you meant illegal.

    Huge handguns are stupid, unless you live in Alaska, .38/.357 is my preferred, cause I have a rifle and a coupla revolvers in the same caliber.

  11. Brad, your ‘clip’ sent me down memory lane.
    FWIW, I grew up in rural Florida in the 60s. My Dad, my Uncles and most of their generation were WW2 combat vets, or Korean vets. .
    As best I recall, to a man they all referred to magazines, both pistol and rifle, as ‘clips’.
    So did the old gent who owned the local gun
    shop. It was just the standard term.
    I suspect they all picked up ‘clip’ from their Army days. In 1942, the Regular Army drill instructors would have spent years with the old clip-loading Springfield.
    When the newer magazine rifles were introduced, their loading gizmo’s also became ‘clips’.
    I expect that’s how ‘clip’ became the universal term, at least among the WW2 vets in my neck of the woods.
    I still have my Dad’s 1911 he carried at the Bulge. Holster, ‘clips’ and all.

    In the 60s I remember occasionally hearing some large magazine called a ‘box clip’ as well.

    From Brad’s bikers, it sounds like ‘clip’ was still in some kind of circulation when they went to ‘Nam. Guys don’t usually replace service vocabulary with postwar civilian (incorrect) slang.

  12. I have some awesome wheel guns. 629 Smth, SAA 45 long Colt. Ruger 3 Screw 357, a couple Super Black Hawks. If I know I’m getting in a gun fight I’ll take a Sig, Les Baer, or Dan Wesson 1911 with me. I listed what I own. Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, Night Hawk. Bad asz guns that won’t get you killed at 21 feet or farther.

  13. Love my S&W 686 357 mag. It’s my Pillow Pal Holster gun. For carry I prefer Sig 226, 239 or Glock 19 w/high capacity magazines and sometimes the Glock 22. I’ve never carried the Glock 21. It’s the night stand gun. The kitchen drawer gun is a S&W 66 snubby 357. There’s a Smith revolver in the desk drawer, forget which model but a .38. The Glock 42 is a 2nd backup carry gun. The H usually carries a Sig 229.
    We’re loaded for Allahu Fubars if necessary.

    Soap On A Rope for the tub or shower,silly. Glock on a rope for tub or shower makes more sense in case you are expecting Norman Bates to drop in.

    One day I’ll figure a method to carry the Mossberg Persuader. Oh yeah, the Flash Bang holster.

  14. I carry a 226 almost daily. Got a couple 1911’s I trade off with. And as I stated above I have a host of wheel guns. If the shit ever hits the fan I’m hoping I have the Sig under my shirt. It’s never failed me and it’s an old one. We like each other

  15. I’m not the biggest gun guy in the world but I like hearing what you guys have to say. You can always learn something new.

  16. I’ll never part with my .357mag Ruger. The 125gr XTP’s are all the man-stopper round I need. But I am looking to get a .40 or .45 for BACKUP. lol . I know that sounds backwards. I can make that Ruger do whatever I want.

    I enjoy the gun talk. Brad knows his shit too. I’m no expert but I need more capacity in something that will perform close to the .357 125gr round.

  17. To make it easy on the clip/mag thing you only have to remember three words:

    Clips load magazines.


    Even the en bloc kind. That is a non-detachable magazine well it is being inserted into. Clips speed up the loading of magazines.

    It’s always a magazine that is holding ammo ready-to-fire and gets emptied bullet by bullet when fired.


    ” I’m no expert but I need more capacity in something that will perform close to the .357 125gr round. ”


    10mm is your final answer.

    The .357Sig was made for that exact reason, but it’s pretty limited on what it fires.

    The 10mm on the other hand has a wide range of loads and a 135gr hollow point from Underwood Ammo is one of the main ones I carry for self defense. 15 + 1 in the chamber for a full size Glock. 10 + 1 in the chamber for the compact.

    135gr 10mm has 767 ft lbs of muzzle energy. Multiply that by 15 and each mag holds 11,505 ft lbs ready to rumble. Whereas the .357Mag from Underwood has 802 ft lbs x 6 for a total of 4,812 before a 6 round cylinder reload is needed.

    Also, consider how quick a mag change is compared to reloading a cylinder. One mag in and two on the hip = 45 +1 rounds at 767 ft lbs. A total of 35,282 ft lbs at your ready. Not for pansies.

    You are not going to find a better, more powerful hand gun that you can handle than a 10mm. If you are ok with the kick a .357 gives you, then a 10mm will suit you fine. That is the only thing hard about it – putting it back on target quickly. A .45acp is soft, by comparison.

    It’s my hunting hand gun with 200 gr hard casts with 694 ft lbs in each. An awesome perpetrator. For hunting, I have a 6 inch barrel that increases those ft lbs.

    Also, don’t let Brad’s fear of guns that go bang every time you pull the trigger influence you away from such a wonderfully powerful hand gun. They never fire until you pull the trigger – then they fire every time you have good ammo in the chamber and pull the trigger.

    For both self defense and hunting, it’s like a .357mag. Versatile.

  18. @Dadof4, 15+1 sounds pretty good. And I don’t have any problem with the kick of a .357, so I’ll keep that 10mm in mind. The wide range of loads sounds really good too. I’ll have to barrow one and compare it to my mag.

    I can reload six with a speed loader just about as fast as I can change a mag.

    I think the shit is going to hit the fan right after the election. No matter who wins. So more rounds without having to reload so much, yeah, that would probably not be a bad idea. The mag is still going to be my main carry gun during times of peace. I am comfortable with it and confident that it will never let me down. And I believe it still holds the record for one-shot-stops.

    Thanks for that info.

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