New Bosch Fawstin Art is a Head Scratcher

Full disclosure: I was part of a panel of three that awarded Bosch Fawstin the grand prize in the Garland, Texas Draw Muhammad Art Exhibition. I voted for Fawstin. I do not know Bosch Fawstin personally. I’ve spoken with him on 2 occasions through email, both times after he was awarded the prize.

Any statement I make here does not reflect the opinions of AFDI, Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer. 

Breitbart has published the latest Bosch Fawstin image. It depicts Geert Wilders looking at Muhammad behind bars, implying that perhaps he was the one who put him there. Interestingly, the man looking at Muhammad could easily be mistaken for Donald Trump.

I say “interestingly” because Bosch Fawstin is ardently anti-Trump. It’s made more interesting because Geert Wilders has endorsed Donald Trump. So, Fawstin has paid homage to a man who has endorsed a man that Fawstin abhors.

We are living in strange times.


Funny Fawstin would use the phrase “sell him to me.” More on that later.

Trump was against Pamela Geller’s exhibition because in his view she was “taunting” Muslims and putting people in unnecessary danger.

I disagreed with Trump, calling him one of the “dhim bulbs” who didn’t get it. But at no time did I think Trump was/is a politician who would be seeking to make a law that would limit free speech, particularly ones that would protect Islam. (I do believe that Hillary is such a politician. And I do believe Hillary will seek to make what we do and say about Islam, on these blogs, illegal.) He was pointing out that with free speech there are consequences, and in his view he could foresee problems with drawing the pictures. He says as much in the video I linked above.

Again, I disagree with Trump. I think it’s my duty to taunt in order to preserve the 1st amendment, and I would accept the consequences of my actions with pride. In regards to Garland, I think it was understood by all who participated that a hornet’s nest was being poked. So no one was being put in harm’s way unknowingly. Each and every person at that event were performing an admirable and brave duty.

For the record, Pamela Geller is supporting Trump for the presidency of the United States. She was previously a full-throated supporter of Ted Cruz, but has the good sense to understand that Ted Cruz is not an option in 2016. It’s either Hillary or Trump. She chooses Trump.

As for the rest of Fawstin’s rant, that Trump has flipped, and or, flopped on issues, I have no desire to debate this wise and insightful and wholly original observation that I’ve never heard before. In fact, I’ll stipulate that he’s a flip-flopper for the sake of expediency, just to let the air out of this particular balloon, with a great yawning sound.

Nowhere has Trump flipped to the left of Hillary. Not even close. At best, one could have a deep suspicion that he might, he just might, be exactly like Hillary.

But even if Trump announced today that he was adopting every plank of Hillary’s platform I would still vote for Trump. Why? Because one of them will be president in 2017, and I will opt for the candidate that hasn’t enriched themselves through public service. I will not vote for a woman who has skated on scandal after scandal after scandal because of friends in high places. I will not vote for a woman who would be in jail if it not were for vast left-wing conspiracies that protect her. I will not vote for a woman that has caused us to gnash our teeth at the very sight of her because she’s managed to survive the blatant lies, the smugness and the smirks. And then there’s Bill…

No, I won’t do it. My need to punish the Clintons trumps Trump, as it should every conservative.

What we’re left with here, essentially, is a giant gambling wheel. Each slot details what conservatives might possibly get with a Trump administration. It runs the range from “surprisingly remarkable” to “just like Hillary.”

I’m willing to spin the wheel, while #NeverTrump is standing pat on Hillary.

It’s a stupid, stupid, stupid bet. Have I mentioned how stupid this bet is?


There are 2 other issues I’d like to address.

One can’t help think that this is something Trump would say, and then be excoriated by anti-Trump people for saying it. I know that some say they have a problem with Trump when he backs off provocative statements, and that’s why they lose their enthusiasm for him. But most #NeverTrump conservatives join the left-wing condemnation of Trump because he says things like Fawstin’s tweet above. This is a tack I find disingenuous and hypocritical. I call it a tack because there is an agenda behind the nodding. They want a different outcome that simply isn’t going to happen on election day. It’s Trump or Clinton. Saying “neither” is childish.

Oddly, in Trump we have the first “right-wing blogger” presidential candidate. We’ve met us, and we don’t like it.


I’m not getting the connection between having fame go to one’s head and not being a Trump supporter. I do understand what he’s saying about fame not being in proportion to what’s in your wallet, particularly when you’ve put so much skin into the game. I admire Fawstin for what he did and what he represents, and how it must suck to be in danger for little monetary reward.

But this was never about money and this should have been contemplated before submitting art that would put one in the spotlight. The award was $12,500.

After the Garland Exhibition Fawstin attempted to sell the image to the highest bidder on Ebay.

Here’s how it was presented-

Own a piece of history. Own the Cartoon at the Center of a Terrorist Attack.  

I get it. Capitalism… but….


60 Comments on New Bosch Fawstin Art is a Head Scratcher

  1. Interesting that you saw the Wilders figure as Trump. When I first saw the drawing, I took it to be Julian Assange. Not that that makes any more sense, it just looks like Assange to me.

  2. Look, I’ve kept my piehole shut, but I found him incredibly weird from jump. But- whatever.

    I agree, Trump fucked up when he said no one should be taunting muslims because of the ‘Draw muhammad’ events. I was pissed, actually. But you know what? He wasn’t the only one who said that- both on the R and the D side. . I’m over it. And I know Pamela is as well. Holding on to it will just cause emotional constipation. lol.

    Trump has taken many stands that piss people off that is in our favor at this point. Not just as a conservative, but as an American. Even so, I have no problem someone chewing his ear off when he’s wrong, legitimately wrong, but to take ONE thing he said or did and blow him up to be as bad as hillary is complete retardation.

    PS. Maybe a little more humility will help sell your art, eh?

  3. I knew going in it was Wilders, so I was preconditioned.
    But the comparisons to Wilder’s and Trump’s hair were already made awhile back.

    While I’m commenting, I do want to say that this post was not intended as an invitation to 2 minutes of hate to be leveled at Fawstin.

    He’s been through a lot and is, essentially, on our side.
    I make these posts because I cannot give up on posting my opinion on right-wing anti-Trump sentiment this late in the game.

    I am deeply concerned with any right-winger that can wake up to “Hail-To-The-Chief” and Hillary comes marching through the wooden doors.

    How the hell has so much Trump animosity been built up in this short amount of time, to the point where it shades (as the kid’s say) Hillary’s history? It’s wildly out of all proportion.

    Have they been paying a attention for the last 30 years??

    I don’t get it.
    To me it’s a little faddish, like Pokemon Go.
    Hate Trump to the point of incoherence, it’s the latest rage for the summer of 2016.

  4. Do these people who are in media (includes art, film, tv, radio, news) understand the kind of hell hillary could rain down on them when it came to censorship? Isn’t it bad enough now that people are getting kicked out of schools, jobs (both fed and private) for having an un PC opinion? T shirts are now triggers? You think this is bad under 0bama, what do you think the untouchable hillary would do? Who in congress do you think will go after her as president when they don’t go after her NOW as a private citizen?

  5. It’s okay BFH, I’m gonna have to leave the thread to calm the fuck down because in about 2 minutes, I’m going to start talking about his bald headed mama.

  6. In this particular climate, where our thoughts are being shut down, threats of reeducation for kids who speak out of bounds of the acceptable state-approved lists , U.S. flags being disinvited to places and events for being too triggering to immigrants, improper use of pronouns getting people censured and fired and fined…you’d think the mere presence of Trump being the last of 2 candidates standing would cause those of us on the right, and some citizens on the left, to point and quickly say “I want that guy!!!!”

    Arguments for “abstaining,” as if the next four years will simply exist somewhere over the rainbow, and one can simply revisit a 2020 primary with Ted Cruz in 4 years IS FUCKING STUPID!!!

  7. The hardest thing for a man to carry is a grudge. Let go of it Bosch, it is counterproductive and just plain stupid. You think America needs Hillary? Isis thinks so.

    I don’t know why he is still holding out when he must know that Pamela is now supporting Trump in the elections.

    That whole moslem/draw muhammad thing is in the past now. Trump has done the homework he needed to do on islam, and I believe the guy is going to kick some moslem ass — isis included.

    Support Trump, not the Hillary caliphate!!!

  8. BFH, very much agree with you’re last comment. Hey they are trying to steal our very culture that is Americanism. And they are winning at a very fast pace! Hillary will put it into fifth gear if it serves her.

    Also this concerning NT, “Oddly, in Trump we have the first ‘right-wing blogger’ presidential candidate. We’ve met us, and we don’t like it.”

  9. The ‘Draw Mohammad’ contest is another in a long list of shit Trump shouldn’t HAVE even bothered commenting on.

    If he must comment, think it through and make an intelligent, well pondered, statement.
    Instead he likes to just shoot from the hip.
    Whatever pops in his head without knowing all the details.
    That shit is dangerous to a lot of people.

    Going forward he needs to be on a scripted teleprompter.


  10. As Ben Shapiro said, “they’ve (#NeverTrump) taken Trump’s selling point, that he shoots from the hip, and turned it against him as a weapon.”

    Too bad Shapiro believes he’s not part of “them” and his hands are clean while he “abstains” and rides out the next four years in an eco-pod and reenters America as if time never existed.

  11. Yea, I get it, Ben Shapiro is a “brilliant” fellow. He has accomplished a lot. But he is also young. He has probably had people telling since age three how brilliant he is. But he doesn’t have high school or college age children to worry about. His children are toddlers. So that’s the time frame he looks to. That’s the only reason I can see why he skips over the inherent problem of Hillary Clinton and thinks he can solve the damages of her presidency before his own children reach the work force.

  12. Here’s a theory I have why some HATE The Donald. They LOVED him before he ran for president.

    Everyone thought “their” established candidate was going to be a shoe-in. And when this successful businessman outta nowhere just comes crashing in hard like a bull in a china shop and none of their “shoe-in” established candidates have no freakin’ clue how to tame him. And a majority of Americans just flock to him. They’re baffled. Confused. Then they get ANGRY. Trump cannot be controlled and shatters long-standing political molds. Trump is now a rude, mean, unsophisticated rube. “Too tempermental. Too dangerous. EVIL!” When those personsal attacks on Trump fail they begin to attack his supporters with 💩 like, “And how can Christians support this immoral candidate? Have they lost their minds and their faith?”

    Trump also threatens their livelihoods. And in the process exposing them as the “conservative” frauds they are. “We got through Obama. We’ll get through Hillary while maintaining our fat bank accounts and our fat bellies.” But they’re all too selfishly STUPID to see what’s on the line for America if Hillary wins. Trump wins and these #nevertrumpers become nothing more than flushed turds down the toilet of irrelevancy. And they know it and they’re frightened. Fortunately, there’s a lot more of us than of them.

    This is why there is so much vitriol towards The Donald. It’s really that simple. IMHO. 😇

  13. I like Fawstin’s art, but I dropped him a while back because some of his posts were just off to me, even before he became NT.

  14. OK Picture,
    The one lesson we better learn fast:
    It is better to sit next to an asshole you despise on the rowing bench, endure his infernal presence and row, than to finally be free of his ass in Davey Jones’ locker.
    This ain’t a duel for honor
    This is not a statesman’s changing of the guard
    This is an alley fight
    This is an eye gouging, biting, dirty trick playing, face stomping fight.
    We had better win this one.
    If we lose at this critical juncture we may not be able to reverse the socialist/communist one world order damage (if you call an eternity of appeasing the Caliphate ‘order’) Barry and the Globalist puppetmasters are doing to your country.
    Trump is an amateur politician.
    Translation: Dumb Ass
    So big effin’ deal
    He says stupid crap that proves he is not a polished statesman.
    I say Finally! I am sick of Slick.
    Hilary lies and people die. They fooking die, and are forever dead, and this machine that is two parties desperately trying to hold onto power, is why the media is so gung ho on screwing him over.
    Trump scares them all.
    This pleases me.
    Get in
    Sit down
    Strap the Hell in
    and Start rowing
    Trump is an ass who shoots his mouth off, but when the shit hits the fan I think he has his heart in the right place, and will rise to the occasion.
    Hilary will lie to your Mom right over your casket.

    I made the following- bfh

  15. Where I work as long as I feel I am gaining I don’t have to have things 100% my way. I am not going to get everyone completely on board with my thoughts. But more often than not I go home the end of the day in a decent mood. I can compromise and like I said if I feel like I am gaining, I am winning.

  16. Anything, anywhere, anytime that opposes islam and muslims is the correct thing. Killing muslims is the best option to drive islam back to where it came from.

  17. Trump shooting his mouth off has never been an asset.
    I to this day feel a pain in my heart when I remember when Trump said, then later doubled down on it, that he would force my son to kill an innocent woman or child for being related to a terrorist or face court marshal.
    I am going to vote for him as the lesser of two evils, but his mouth is his worst enemy.

  18. Funny, I had pride in my heart that a presidential candidate would be willing to swing the pendulum so wildly the other way, even if it was just rhetoric.

    I get a pain in my heart when the president says I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. Particularly when it is said unqualified.
    What is, in his opinion, a wind shifting in an ugly direction? A halt on Muslim refugees entering this country? That’s an ugly direction? How about refusing to allow Sharia courts? Is that ugly?
    Or perhaps saying, like Cruz said, carpet bombing the shit out of known terrorist strongholds? Is that an ugly direction?

    Israel mows down the entire home of a terrorist. It’s in response to the Palestinian Authority paying, right out in the open, a reward to the family of a terrorist who kills Jews.

    I do a fist pump in the air when someone like Trump says, we’re going to kill the entire family of a terrorist. So think twice about doing what you animals do. You blow yourself up and take others with you? As soon as you’re identified we are going to drone your entire house, we don’t care who is in it.

    But that’s me. I’m serious about ending Islam’s terror by any means necessary.
    I have a pillow you can bite if you’re out of them.

  19. Hey, how about those Japanese terrorist sneak attacks, huh?
    They are a real problem today, aren’t they?

    I’m glad Tibbets’ dad didn’t think like you, heart aflutter when Truman gave the order to drop the bomb on INNOCENT KIDS… and the women… the innocent women.
    You’d have Tibbets committing suicide because your heart would be so achy for the innocent women and children that your son killed.

    What a pussified nation we’ve become.

    We deserve to have a city blown up by a Muslim… at least the women and children of the savage’s family will live, lest we send a very strong and powerful signal that the world is not going to retreat into the shadows, subservient to a maniacal cult, because of progressive pussies like you.

  20. At 9 years of age I lost my father to a tailhook failure on the USS Hornet.
    My family has a long history that is still being made of people who put it all on the line for what this country stands for.
    Other countries adopt Sharia Law, other countries enslave their people, other countries kill innocent women and children for political expedience. The USA does none of those things, and that is why our sacrifices are worthwhile.
    If you want to drag us down to the level of others, expect a bit of resistance.
    Fact is that that is exactly what todays issues revolve around. Who will drag us down further?
    If he wins, are you going to sign up to kill women and children, or are you a chicken hawk?

  21. are you going to sign up to kill women and children, or are you a chicken hawk?>>>

    Give me the button to the drone that destroys a terrorist’s home. I’ll do it, gladly, while not missing a bite of my Cap N’ Crunch.

  22. It will be a contributing factor.
    NeverTrump is an embarrassment, and for no other reason than their asinine dissonant reasoning whenever they open their mouths.

    “We warned you he couldn’t win, so now that he’s the candidate we are going to campaign against him to prove to you that he couldn’t win!”

    “If you want me to vote for Trump you’re going to have to be nice to me!!!!”

    “I’ve decided long ago I was never going to vote for Trump, so let me blow each and every utterance of Donald Trump wildly out of proportion, just like the left does. When they do it it’s embarrassing to witness. When I do it it’s righteous as fuck.”

  23. JohnS. Trump will not drag us down to anyones level, just the opposite, he will elevate us above all others,as we have been in the not so distant past.
    I have no fear what Trump will do. Killary will be the death of our country and that has been the plan by her and many others for a long , long time.
    Anyone who is working against him is our enemy, even our friends.

  24. Hate to break it to you JohnS if your family was and is in the military and are in a combat zone they will kill woman and children, sometimes knowingly beacuse the enemy is among them, its there job and they do it well.

  25. JohnS, I’m certain you father would vote for Trump. You do him no honor.>>

    Nooooooooo. Don’t speak for someone’s deceased father.
    That is not right.

    I speculated about John being Tibbets’ father, but that was theoretical and John is here to speak for himself.

  26. They say Patriotism and common sense skips a generation sometimes. I’m sure JohnS’s son is a Patriot.>>

    Now you’re going to double down???

    Oy. (And no. I’m not Jewish, but, oy.)

  27. Although I did get a kick out of Trump saying to the progressive protester, “your mother will vote for me.”

    That was friggin’ funny.

    I’m on record saying that I think Trump can come off as a douche sometimes, but I think one of the problems a lot of the Trump haters have is that they do not realize how funny Trump is and they can’t enjoy it. That’s too bad.

  28. This clowns been on my ass non stop. I told him the gloves were coming off. Here’s the deal, he may not realize it, but he’s a Lib. He should go see a shrink and get his shit figured out. I’m done being nice to JohnS. He’s insulted me five ways from Sunday. Check back. I’m done being nice.

  29. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the mohammad in jail picture sucks. And I am going to keep on saying that and telling everybody I know that the picture sucks until Bosch Fawstin stops bashing the only hope we have for America this election, Donald Trump.
    So there. Lay off the bad advertising if you want me to do the same.
    @¦{•> (dead muhammad)

  30. I understand, Brad.
    But I can only appeal that for the good of the site there be no awkward tension that drives other readers away because the debate gets so vicious.
    And I’m not singling you out, I know it’s a two-way street.
    I can’t use readers leaving threads because things become an uninteresting string of verbal abuse.
    The comments go to the front page in the sidebar.
    When readers arrive they use that to see what might be of interest, and what the hot thread is.

    If they see nothing but “fuck your mother” for ten comments it’s not serving as a great ambassadorship to the site.

    Which one will rise above it? Or as John said, drag us down further?

    I’m making a simple appeal.
    Ask yourself if what you’re engaging in will have appeal to anyone outside of your argument.

  31. Brad, when JohnS said the teacher that had her phone stolen by a student and he stole a picture of her in lingerie and passed it around, JohnS said she should be fired for daring to have a photo of herself ON HER OWN GODDAMN PHONE, showed me how warped his intellect is.

    As soon as I think I agree with JohnS on something he says something outrageously dimwitted.

    The enemy, the Islamists, are like a colony of those eggs in the Alien movies. We MUSt wipe them out!


  32. I think a lot of the anti Trump crowd are young people. 30 years ago they were wearing diapers. You had to live thru the Clinton presidency to understand
    what a wack job Hillary is. Like when she was going to run healthcare.
    Fuck you bitch.
    The other anti trump people who are over 50 are mentally ill.

  33. No need to shut up unless you’re telling me all you have to offer is stuff you should be shutting up about, and I know that’s not the case.

    I’m not trying to censor, I’m just thinking like a business person, and a customer, at this point.
    And sometimes… sometimes… it can be counterproductive to the good of the site.

    I’ve heard things. Not about you, or John, in particular. But I’ve had complaints from people that say they really really hate when a thread is derailed and dominated by a couple of people simply fighting.

    That’s all.
    Carry on.

  34. JohnS, don’t be an ignorant Rachel Corrie.
    Ask that eight year old that was blown to bits in Boston if we should worry about THEIR goddamn families.

    You can’t ask him because he is dead FOR NO FUCKING REASON WHATSOEVER!
    That young boy may have grown up and cured cancer.
    He died for nothing at all. NOTHING!
    He was at a sporting event cheering on his family.
    His face should be part of this presidential campaign.
    One candidate wants to import THOUSANDS of Tsarnaev cockroaches.

  35. My position is based on a source much higher than even Mr. Trump.
    The bible is clear that a child is not to be put to death for the sins of his or her father.
    I realize that not everyone here is a Christian, and some even believe that Christian values and mores have no place in modern society. That is why my position is being treated as that of a troll.
    I, on the other hand, am very comfortable clinging to my rifle and my Bible.

  36. Trump is to the left of Hillary and is running an awful campaign, so bad that it appears he’s taking a dive.

    There’s plenty of evidence for what Bosch has said but you don’t want to hear it.

  37. Geoff C, well said:
    “Trump will not drag us down to anyones level, just the opposite, he will elevate us above all others,as we have been in the not so distant past.
    I have no fear what Trump will do. Killary will be the death of our country and that has been the plan by her and many others for a long , long time.
    Anyone who is working against him is our enemy, even our friends.”

  38. Historically the left has held utter disdain for leftist Republicans. Richard Nixon is a perfect example. The left does not want people to think they can get things from either Republicans or Democrats. They want all the freeloaders to stay on the reservation.

  39. Your friend said Trump was TO THE LEFT OF HILLARY.
    That doesn’t put him next to Nixon and Rockefeller on the political spectrum.

  40. @JohnS, re Biblical concept: How do you explain what happened to the illegitimate offspring of King David and Bathsheba? Was that child not put to death for the sins of his father?

    And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said unto David, The Lord also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die.

    Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

    2 Samuel 12:13-14

  41. No! Trump is a flounder on the dock and we all (pro GOP, pro trump, @Nevertrump) need to tell him to be a shark in the water. This is not working!

  42. BFH, Nixon operated to the left of his rival. He also hid the fact that he was going to do so from the public. As to how far left Hillary would be in office, her husband was to the right of Nixon.
    mkultra, pulling a verse out of context is no different than editing Trumps statements to make him look like a fool. Not all of the Bible is edicts handed down by God. Much of it is life stories, as what you posted, included to give perspective. I recommend you read the book, from cover to cover as you would any other. Then you will be in a position to speak on it’s message.

  43. @johns, I read the book. Many times. The prophet Nathan was quoting God. It’s fine if you don’t believe it, but the verses I quoted are very clear.

  44. BFH, my argument against tRump is pretty clear, and I’ve made it for a while now, so I won’t rehash it. I disagree with you and others like Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders about tRump. Outside of that, we have much in agreement with. Now, on my blog, I did write something recently about how if tRump did a particular thing, then he might win me over. Check it out when you can, it’s near the top posts. Anyway, thanks for choosing my cartoon for the winning entry, I do appreciate it.

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