New Bread Product from Lay’s – IOTW Report

New Bread Product from Lay’s

From The Patriot Post

h/t Dadof4

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  1. I guess Lay’s could put less air in their packages if you don’t mind having a bag of crumbs. The air is there to give a cussion.

  2. It’s a perfect metaphor for our government in general. I will spare you the rant about trying to apply for Medicare and Social Security, now that I have reached retirement age +3. I am absolutely furious. The government had no problem confiscating my dough since I was 15 until I was 68. Getting back a single penny of it has been impossible so far. I maxed out on SS for many years. Where’s my dough, assholes?

  3. Just Discovered
    Right Now
    Live in Real Time

    Was ‘listening’ to FOX News ADM (ret) Kirby making War Talks
    And then I could not help but notice who I was listening to

    It is David Jolly’s Voice

    NO SH%T

    Find clips of David Jolly of Joe Scarborough Fame
    Listen to the Speech Pattern
    Listen to Todays John Kirby Interview on Fox at the Top of the 3PM ET Segment.

    Ain’t that interesting?
    Your Wonka

  4. I have often been tempted to order a Colo Guard colon cancer test kit.
    Shit in a box then change the return address to 1600 Pennsylvania Washington DC and send it.

  5. Obviously a bubble was left during the kneading process and couldn’t escape due to crust forming until it finally blew leaving the void in the loaf.
    Those are known as Swalwell slices.


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