New Cashless Monopoly Game Will Deprive Kids of Learning How To Count and Manage Physical Money


Hasbro announced Wednesday it will release a version of the classic board game Monopoly designed for the digital age. But financial experts argue the game’s new design could deprive children of important financial lessons.

In Hasbro’s latest edition of Monopoly, gone are the paper money and Community Chest cards. Instead, the board game now comes with a voice-controlled, artificial intelligence device shaped like a top hat.

Educators and financial advisers have often suggested that board games such as Monopoly or The Game of Life are important in promoting behaviors tied to saving and budgeting.

By removing the physical element of the game, some argue that Monopoly’s usefulness as a tool to teach children about money is reduced.


“Removing physical Monopoly money reduces the educational benefit of the game by glossing over the important task of learning to manage and count your money,” said Nicole Strbich, director of financial planning at Buckingham Advisors in Dayton, Ohio.

Research has shown that children’s approach to money changes after they are allowed to touch cash — handling money made kids work harder, but also made them stingier about giving money away.

14 Comments on New Cashless Monopoly Game Will Deprive Kids of Learning How To Count and Manage Physical Money

  1. They want a cashless society.
    Emphasis on you not possessing actual wealth
    You ‘own’ digital currency, as long as they say you do.

  2. there is no Bank, only ‘Government’ $$$
    you get bonus Community Chest cards if you declare yourself a minority group
    I get out of jail free if I play my ‘Rayyyyyycissss’ card
    if I squat in someone else’s house I get a free turn if they kick me out
    how long can I stay rent-free at the Projects on Marvin Gardens?
    can I get aid to pay my Utilities? whyfornot?
    the Workers own the railroads! power to the people!
    if I’m playing illegally (cheating) I get free housing, free health care
    why you gettin’ hotels? you think you Donald Trump, sucka?

    … and finally,
    $200 for going all that way around is not a living wage!

  3. Wait, there was an educational element to skinning the piss out of your fellow game players?

    That’s why I always got in trouble for having cards and playing Tonk at school for a dime a point. Now I understand.

  4. Stickin with the Dollar. Cold cash. Even feels good in the hand and side or corner pocket.

    Ya’ll have fun cryptochasing your token chains when they unlock and evaporate at the worst possible micro-cycle pica-second in front your analog eyes. That’s called streaming entertainment.

  5. @Lazlo The Elder: Plus (as the Big Bad Wolf might say), “All the better to track you with, my dear”.

  6. So, Monopoly now comes with EBT cards. Do you still buy properties and build houses, or do you just set up homeless camps where ever you want? Sounds confusing….

  7. But printing fiat money was just so fun!

    ♪♪♪♫ No, they can’t take that away from me! ♪♪♪♫

  8. They always aim at brainwashing the kids.
    When you see this cashless thing fortold in “Revelations”
    so long before our computer age that can make it work,
    you have to take it seriously.

  9. Depriving kids of everything that will let them grow into ra tional, functional, adults is what the left is all about.


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