New charges could be coming in Vegas massacre


More than three months later, countless questions remain as to the motive of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock. To get more answers, petitioners from several media organizations tried Tuesday to have State District Court Judge Elissa Cadish decide to unseal Las Vegas Metropolitan Police search warrants.

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The attorney for the police, Nicholas Crosby, when arguing on the merits of the case, noted that potential charges against other people could be in the works. These new developments underscored his justification that the matter is still an ongoing investigation.

Crosby said that no new charges are imminent, but he highlighted that charges of individuals could come in the future, and therefore the documents should remained sealed.

Cadish decided not to release the files — at least not right away — giving Las Vegas police one week to further explain the need for ongoing secrecy in the matter. Cadish said she would read what’s requested to be unsealed.  read more

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  1. The whole theory around a Saudi Prince? This stinks of shit dude.

    I know what crew served weapons sound like.

    How much over fire damage behind the field was there? I betcha it was ridiculous.

  2. Or, they are trying to figure out how to charge Cliven Bundy and his sons for the Mandalay shooting…

  3. “potential charges against other people could be in the works.”

    Kind of blows the whole “lone wolf” B.S. right out of the water, no?

  4. I’m with Africa Bob on this one.
    Muzzies were involved somewhere.
    My suspect would be the GF and her relatives in the Philippines.

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