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New CNN CEO Wants to “Dull Its Liberal Edge”


In an interesting “scoop” published Saturday, Axios reported that CBS’s EVP of Special Programming Chris Licht, who was tapped to replace ousted CNN boss Jeff Zucker to lead the third-place cable network, wants to get back to CNN being a straight news outlet and cut back on the liberal screeds that dominate prime time and their newscasts in general.

The Axios headline said it all: “CNN to dull its liberal edge.” “Under new chief Chris Licht, CNN will dial down the prime-time partisanship and double down on the network’s news-gathering muscle,” reported Mike Allen and Sara Fischer. More

According to Axios, Licht was picked by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav because “[r]atings are secondary to credibility[.]” More

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  1. Only until their ratings improve, then it’s back to batshit crazy. Kicking out one guy ain’t enough of a house-cleaning to save that network.

  2. “get back to CNN being a straight news outlet”. When the Heck was that? Maybe they need to add Brian Williams to the lineup along with Chrissy Wallace. That should give them some more “Gravitas”.

  3. There is no “edge” in libtardism. It’s more like a hammer with a mushroomed head they keep beating you with.

  4. Now, now, just be patient. It’s bound to take them a while but I think they might be OK in the long run. I’m going to set up a reminder for myself so I can check them out on my 150th birthday.

  5. Actions speak louder than words. Get rid of at least 75% of your current hosts, and we can talk. I am not saying get rid of all of the kool-aid drinkers, but replace most of them with middle or right-leaning people and actually report the news. That will be a start. I am not holding my breath










  7. Wars always did wonders for their ratings. Carnage videos sell soap.

    (Big flash of light)

    “Honey, it’s raining fire from the sky and the radio went dead!”

    “Turn-on CNN, dear, and let’s get an update. Someone said the Russians were threatening us with nukes!”

    “Yeah, they always talk big about ‘thermonuclear war.'”


    (Static… Somewhere in the neighborhood, a battery radio is on and still working…)

    “This is Lawrence. This is Lawrence, Kansas. Is there anybody there? Anybody at all?”

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  9. Aaron Burr

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    So what are the current odds, and where do I place my bet?

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  12. Exactly. All those big hat paintings of puppies could potentially be worth thousands of dollars.

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    Never really cared much for my Tom Petty albums. Dude was too annoying and preachy. Now? GENIUS!

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  13. I did some telephone work for CBS when I was with Bell. Their Chief Engineer didn’t understand the difference between dBv and dBm. That’s pretty scary when the guy who is supposed to be the smartest in the room is actually a dipshit.

    The Chief Engineer of ABC Radio was frankly not much better. He knew the difference, but didn’t understand termination resistance. We argued about it many times for the 12 years I was there. Even me showing him the NSRM documentation didn’t make a dent. He’d always just give up… but the next problem he was at it again not terminating his measurements and stomping around like a child.

    My point is… if the supposedly smartest guy in the operation is a fucktard — what the hell is going on upstairs?

  14. Aaron Burr

    Well I’d go to bat for you but that would be like the kiss of death. Especially when all my fans show up at the trial.

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  16. Erik – If he didn’t understand the difference between dBv and dBm, he probably didn’t understand impedance matching, either.

    Sounds kind of like an experience I had years ago with C programmers who couldn’t count. It said they had a “BS” degree and then they prove it with BS that doesn’t work.

  17. “See? That’s not helpful. I should ban myself again.”

    I’ve been thinking I should do the same. But just imagine all the Anons and Cowards that would off themselves do to sleep deprivation waiting for me to post something. It’s not pretty.

  18. Quite so, General Malaise.

    Scary people in positions of power. The ABC Radio Chief Engineer did beautiful wire work, I grant that. But that’s only a small part of the job. He never quite understood audio the way a telephone man understands audio. And his brain completely turned to mush when a T1 was involved. He stomped harder and threw his hands about even higher.

    Signal to noise, dBrnc…SF, ESF meant nothing to him. A pretty dangerous guy to have at the helm.

  19. “Take it from me, being dead isn’t as much of an impediment to ones career as it used to be.”

    Damn straight. And not just careers. You can even vote when you’re dead.

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