New Edition To Pet Portrait Gallery

Here’s a beautiful present one of our readers presented to his wife. It captures a great moment out in a field. A girl and her dog, Satch.

See the rest of the gallery HERE.Photo on 5-29-15 at 2.13 PM

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  1. Satch grew up with our kids, he was one of the family. BFH did a great job capturing the love Satch had for mrs6pak. She loved him too, she even cooked him his dinner every night. A good dog is a part of the family.

  2. That is true love. Fur, you captured it in Satch’s eyes so well.

    joe6pak, you and the 6pak family were truly blessed!

  3. Satch was a Golden Retreiver. He was around 12 years old when the picture was taken that BFH painted from.

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