New Episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle

The People’s Cube’s Red Square, has been watching The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle on Amazon Prime and has deemed it acceptable for the masses. While the icon of the Cold War has a more abstract appearance, the show still features Boris, Natasha and of course Fearless Leader. Captain Peachfuzz, however, has transitioned into some kind of director of domestic intelligence who “is a great composite caricature of Loretta Lynch / Susan Rice / Comey / Clapper / Brennan and the rest of the notorious gang.”Here


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  1. Loved this show as a kid and even a couple years ago got a dvd. The new voices are all wrong.

  2. The new voice of Rocky has to go.
    I loved the old series but couldn’t get through this preview.
    Sorry Dr. Tar

  3. Loved “R&B” and “Hoppity Hooper” years ago as a kid. Haven’t seen the new series yet, but I’ll take Anonymous’ word for it. The great voice actress June Foray did Rocky and she passed on last July. Simply no duplicating that talent.

  4. “Making troubles for moose and squirrel” use to be one of my favorite memes.

  5. Sure miss June Foray (Rocky’s voice), it’s not like replacing Steve Perry of Journey with Arnel Pineda! And you’ll never find another Edward Everett Horton for Fractured Fairy Tales.

  6. sadly, as much as i wish…. the classics can’t be duplicated… the old timers actually put some thought into their product

  7. My oldest daughter (who has my sense of humor) told me about this a week or so ago. Might have to give it a try to see if it’s worth watching. But I already have all the old episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle on DVD’s that my kids gave me for Christmas a few years ago. And you will never ever be able to replace the voice talents of June Foray, Paul Frees, Edward Everett Horton and William Conrad as the narrator. Now if only someone could do a decent remake of Beany and Cecil.

  8. My favorite episode of Fractured Fairy Tales was The Fisherman And His Wife. Where no matter what the fisherman does after he catches a magic talking fish is able to please her. ” Oh Alice my wife the plague of my life…” It’s also in Bill Bennett’s Book Of Virtues which got played up a lot with funny voices and commentary when I read it to my daughter when she was a small child, she still remembers that.

  9. As I always refer to BFH as

    “Mr. Big”

    And never believe they’ll come close to anything as great as the old show was…

  10. And let us not forget William “Cannon” Conrad as narrator. Great stuff! And . . . . Posonby Britt!!

  11. @geoff the aardvark: I blame R&B (not the music) among others for starting me out on a sordid life of punnery and perversion*.

    * – Actually, I blame Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine for the perversion part (in part).
    RIP, Hef. No one can say you’re in a better place now.


  12. Does anyone else remember Colonel Bleep from Zero-Zero Island? He rode around on a unicycle righting wrongs. Or was my nine-year-old self simply delusional?


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