New evidence turned over to Flynn shows DOJ doubted criminal case against Trump adviser

Fourteen pages of new memos include handwritten notes from senior DOJ officials from early 2017.


Months before they approved a prosecution of Michael Flynn, senior Justice Department officials expressed skepticism in internal notes about the FBI’s continuing pursuit of the Trump national security adviser and the possibility of charging him with a crime, Just the News has learned.

The skepticism about whether Flynn intended to lie during an FBI interview or posed a national security threat was expressed in handwritten notes that were turned over Tuesday to Flynn’s defense team and the judge overseeing his case under a protective order, according to multiple sources.

The documents were discovered recently by U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen, who was specially appointed by Attorney General William Barr to review the conduct of the FBI and the DOJ in the Flynn case. They are the latest exculpatory materials — evidence that Flynn could have used to prove his innocence — that were withheld from his defense and only belatedly produced more than two years after he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. more here

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  1. Lie, steal, cheat while expecting others to play by the rules. How many people over the millennia have thought themselves clever ditching the Golden Rule? We are being overrun by narcissistic psychopaths.

  2. I wonder how the Dementiacrats will bury all of this if Dementia Joe gets elected. Oh, that’s right, the Ministry of Propaganda will claim it was all a conspiracy by Trump and Barr to hide the truth about the Russian Collusion that got Trump elected President. Only 117 days until the election that will determine if this country stands for anything.

  3. I have zero faith in our government being able to prosecute itself, and this stall seems to solidify my doubts. Seems that they should ready by now to have one case ready to go.

  4. Not to worry. They have conducted a very thorough internal investigation, and have found nothing we peons need concern ourselves over. Just shut up and pay your taxes.

  5. Brown Eyed Girl – I don’t know. Maybe he was given a deadline to do so?
    With all the BLM bullcrap, I haven’t heard or read anything about it lately. 

  6. MJA, I know he was ordered to dismiss, but assumed he was going to file for an en banc hearing. Haven’t heard anything about that, either.

  7. BEG & MJA — I just did a quick search to find out where things stand.

    Sullivan was ordered by the D.C. Court of Appeals to dismiss.

    It appears that Sullivan has not yet done so.

    Sullivan needs to be investigated in order to find out who he is answering to. Same for Amy Berman (in the Stone case). Both are obstructing/twisting justice for political reasons.


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