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New Hampshire AG orders Democrats to pull back mailers

JTN: The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has issued a ‘cease and desist’ order to the state’s Democratic Party over political mailers, claiming they contain misleading information about voting by mail.

In a letter to the Democratic Party’s legal counsel, Attorney General John Formella said the mailers urging voters to request absentee ballot applications for the midterm elections provided the wrong addresses for city and town clerks and other errors that are “causing voter confusion and frustration” for voters.

He ordered the party to immediately stop sending out “inaccurate information” to voters and reach out to the more than 900 voters in 39 cities and towns who received the incorrect mailers to clarify any errors and explain what they need to do to obtain an absentee ballot.

“The return mail addresses on the mailer are likely to mislead voters into intentionally violating (state law),” Formella wrote. “It could also disenfranchise some voters in that voters may complete absentee ballot applications believing that they will receive ballots for the general election, only to discover that their applications were never delivered to their town or city clerks.”

Formella said some voters who received the mailers were told that they “have a history of requesting absentee ballots” when they hadn’t voted by mail in the past. more here

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  1. If 900 mailed in ballots go to the wrong place and lets say their vote was split 50/50, but I send in 900 fake ballots with my candidate getting all 900 votes then you too could be making money while working from home like so many other posters on here and other websites.


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