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New Hampshire man used Camel cigarette box for state inspection sticker

Union Leader: PLAISTOW — A driver was stopped by police and ticketed Thursday after police say she attempted to pass off a pack of Camel 99 cigarettes as an official New Hampshire inspection sticker.

Police said officer Edward Barrasso III noticed what appeared to be a suspicious sticker on a vehicle around 2:20 p.m. on Route 125 and decided to make a stop.

According to police, the driver stuck the cigarettes in the window and attempted to make them look like an inspection sticker by coloring a reddish border around the box and writing “09-19” in the middle.  more here

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  1. She deserves what she gets for such a pitiful lack of effort
    Long ago Lazlo escaped from LA with a suspended license and a couple thousand in fines and parking tickets.
    Not having money to resolve these issues, when I bought a van (to live in down by the river) I painted the tag on the license plate. For four years. Every year I painted a new tag (art school was paying off).
    One day I made the mistake of parking in the cop’s radar hiding spot and he ran my plate out of idle spite. I came out to see the cop with my license plate in his hand. The first thing he says while holding the plate out at arms length was: “You did a really, really nice job on this. You can’t tell from here.” He then holds it up close to his face. “You can barely tell from here. I would have never have guessed if I didn’t run your plate”
    The Judge says: “You did such a good job I’m giving you a break” and he changed the ‘altering’ the license plate (very bad) to ‘decorating’ my license plate (not bad). And hung my artwork up in his office.
    It pays to always do your best

  2. Around here many folks buy a fake one
    for 150$.If your “check engine” light is
    on for any reason you fail state inspection.
    I always wanted to develop a dongle that could
    be plugged into the OBDII port and be programmed
    with the vehicles VIN. When the state plugs in
    their computer,the dongle tells it life is
    all good up in here and all systems are go…

  3. A thousand years ago…. or so, the license plate on my motorcycle vibrated itself off at the bolts (chinese steel?), so Like Laslo I created a replacement plate out of U.S. sheet steel that worked for a couple of years. My stickers were real though. Then one day a female cop was standing there in the parking lot at a store with her head cocked, staring at my plate…. as I approached, she inquired about it and I explained that the cheap original plate had committed suicide at about 4 months and my replacement had lasted a bit longer. She insisted that I go to the DMV and get it replaced……..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Around here, wthe locals just cut ’em a scrap of cardboard and write FARM USE on it with a Sharpie and hang it on the back of the vehicle where the license plate should go.

  5. Some trivia if you’re so inclined to look. On the leg of the camel on a Camel’s cigarette box, there’s a man with an erection embedded in the leg. It’s been there for years and years.

  6. We got rid of inspections 20 years ago in FL. Now, if we can just get rid of the Liberal Yankees that have been moving down.


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