New Intellectual Froglegs

From Joe Dan – Greetings Friends, Cousins, Patriots and Assorted Freaks!

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your continued support and patience. These past few months have been tough on everybody—including yous truly. It’s hard to be funny when you wanna kill people, lol. But now it’s time to kick-ass and WIN AGAIN!

Watch the new video here – “Commie Dearest“.

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  1. Folks, the work this man does, has personally kept me from driving the roads and freeways…… clearing roadblocks.
    Thanks Cousin Joe

  2. That is probably his best ever….I’d like to go to his Tennessee gathering but I have three dogs and I’m probably the most obnoxious…..

  3. Oh how I wish I could go to his cook out this year. His humor and media creations are spectacular. Ummm, not as good as yours Fur, after all you introduced me to agitprop. I love your site. Okay, okay, monetary gift is definitely in order, and past due.

  4. Thanks Joe Dan, another great vid, as always. Bumper music ain’t bad either, ain’t bad at all.
    Thanks Claudia for posting. 😘

  5. @Bobcat – I noticed the same thing!

    Joe is and has been onto something for some time, either put up or shut the eff up, iow he HOSTS an event for like minded peeps to gather and exchange ideas, IN addition to the vids and website. The guy has courage.

    Thanks C, that was great, I was cracking up at several times. I have not watched JDG in awhile and he ‘lost weight’! He says, the man says, “though you would not notice it”. :>o

    Funny shit and very well done as usual, and I like the formulas in the starry backround…

    And of course, the soundtrack is of our lives. Classic rock for the most part! The editing is noteworthy. When he uses Hells Bells for instance, listen closely!

    @willysgoatgruff – I have not seen them all? But that was EXCELLENT.


  6. anyone know if the cook out is dog friendly (smallish dog) ? or do I have to kennel him for the day?


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