New Israeli App Shatters the Silence of Autism


A new Israeli application, the first of its kind in the world, is allowing people who cannot speak to communicate with people everywhere, Israeli dailyWalla reported.

Ola Mundo (“Hello World ” in Spanish) is an application that transmits instant messages using symbols for people whose speaking or writing ability is severely impaired. The technological breakthrough was developed by Ophir Harel, a Project Manager at an Israeli high tech firm who is also the father of a 10 -year-old autistic child, named Adam, Walla reports.

Harel created the application out of a profound sense of frustration: “I had no intention of developing an app. However two years ago, Adam’s therapy – which included speech and occupational therapy – wasn’t progressing. The few words Adam did say we had to coax out of him.” After researching possible alternative therapies for his son, Ophir realized that there was simply no solution for kids such as Adam who communicate primarily through the expression of emotions,Walla said.

Necessity being the mother of invention, Harel developed an application that allows children and adults who do not speak and write to communicate with the world around them by way of a new language comprised solely of symbols. Ola Mundo’s big leap forward is that its use is not dependent on proximity since the user of the application communicates by way of instant messaging.



6 Comments on New Israeli App Shatters the Silence of Autism

  1. This is clearly a brilliant idea. But I’m wondering how many roadblocks would have been thrown up to frustrate the inventor if he’d tried to develop this product in this country.

  2. Thanks Cardigan for posting. Theres a little one in our family this might be good for.
    And thanks BFH for posting a few months ago about Christian Healthcare ministries alternative to govt non healthcare plans .. We signed up for it. No money of ours for abortion. Amen.

  3. One more highly innovative product in a long list coming out of Israel. I wonder if the people who scream boycott have any idea how many life altering discoveries are developed there?

  4. There’s a God ordained shift happening. Israel is now the leader in innovation. America and the rest of the world have been left behind.

  5. Yes, while the Israelis are working on another Nobel Prize the Palestinians are working on their rock throwing technique.

  6. My son is autistic but speaking is not one of his problems! I am happy that this app is available and good for the Dad.


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