New Jersey: Biden Buddy To Run As a RINO

Breitbart: New Jersey GOP Candidate David Richter Attacked Trump, Donated to Democrats, Has Ties to Bidens.

David Richter, the former CEO of global construction management firm Hill International, hopes to secure the Republican nomination for New Jersey’s second congressional district, but his criticism of President Donald Trump, donations to Democrats, and ties to the Biden family may jeopardize his chances of getting the GOP nomination.

In a video announcing his campaign, Richter said, “I’ll stand with President Trump to put America First and deliver for south Jersey.”

“And I won’t back down to the liberal Democrats in Congress who are fighting to undermine the president’s agenda. We’ve seen the radical left’s failed ideas of the past and we are never going back,” Richter added in the video.

However, despite Richter’s claim to back President Trump’s America First platform and combat the “radical left,” Richter has both criticized Trump and donated to Democrats.

Richter said in an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine in June 2015, right after Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency:

I think what you are seeing in the very large number of Republican presidential candidates and the very small field of Democratic candidates within both parties that 2016 is shaping up to be a very good election year for the GOP. I also think there a very good number of highly credible and capable Republican candidates for the presidency. Donald Trump is not one of them. [Emphasis added.]

Richter also has a history of donating to Democrats throughout his professional career.

Here are some Democrats that Richter donated to, including:

  • Former Rep. Dick Swett (D-NH) $2,000 in 1995
  • Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) $2,000 in March 1998
  • Democrat New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Rob Andrews $2,100 in 1997

Adding to his criticism of Donald Trump, Richter did not donate to Trump during the 2016 campaign, even when he became the Republican nominee for president. The former construction executive gave to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in 2015 during the 2016 election.

Richter has yet to respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News regarding his donations to Democrats as well as his criticism of then-candidate Trump.

Richter also has strong business ties to James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother. In late 2010, HillStone International, a subsidiary of Hill International, hired James Biden as its executive vice president. read more

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  1. This guy sounds like more radioactive waste to be avoided. Actions speak louder than words bud! On top of that combine construction with a Biden and that just oozes corruption!
    BTW, iz this the ministry of special names today or whut?
    Shelby Gash and Dick Swett???

  2. Dishonest demoncrap running as a conservative. Just another lying POS. Are there any conservatives even left in NJ?

  3. Same words they all use to get elected, only to stab the people in the back over and over again. There need to be laws that hold politicians accountable for their words. If you lie to us it’s the same as lying to the FBI.

  4. GOPe rats – like other pestilence, we need to exterminate them, keep setting traps and continue to remain vigilent.

  5. This district has a checkered past. Dem Bill Hughes was the congresscritter 74-94. Corrupt as hell. RINO Frank lobiondo was next 94-2018. He broke his term limits pledge. Deep stater. Opposed Trump. Dem Van Drew only ran in 2018 cuz Lobionfo retired.

    Having said that, I would prefer van Drew over any RINO antitrumper who is also a Biden buttbuddy. You just know hell backstab Trump every chance

  6. “David Richter, the former CEO of global construction management firm Hill International…”

    Hmmm…I wonder if they’ve done some work on any natural gas industry facilities in the Ukraine recently. Better check this guy’s Burisma index.

  7. Lookit. I’m all for scorched Earth at this point too. Yet facts are that this guy’s record of donating to the Dhimmicrats is a match for our current President’s record for doing the same. And we saw how that turned out.

    And if I’m rawng, then I’d rather have Arlen Specter on my side than face Alexandria Cortez on the other side. YMMV

    Now you guys go ahead and gimme that kimchee!

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