New Jersey DOJ Paralegal Exposed Informer For ‘Snitching’

A paralegal at the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Office used government computers to identify people who were possibly helping authorities and posted a video on YouTube of her gang member son’s co-defendant talking to investigators, according to court filings.

Tawanna Hilliard pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court to an indictment charging her with offenses, including witness tampering, obstruction of justice and obtaining information from a government computer, according to officials. Hilliard’s son, Tyquan, a member of the 5-9 Brims set of the Bloods street gang serving a 10 year prison term for robbery in New York, is also charged in the indictment. More

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  1. The ranks of many law enforcement agencies and branches of the military have been infiltrated by gang members and those loyal to them. Gangs actively recruit people who are just fit enough to make it through the screening process and it’s getting easy for these people to get through that process because the standards have been lowered so that the minority quotas can be filled. The Marines just arrested two dozen of it’s members for human trafficking. They are virtually all Hispanic and have ties to gangs. Many large cities now have Hispanic police chiefs who are alarmingly sympathetic towards illegals.

  2. This bitch had better be going to jail for a long time. Part of the problem are these shows on Netflix, Amazontv, FX and others glorify the drug/gang environment making anti-heroes out of dealers, murders and gang-bangers. I watched a few episodes of Snowfall (or you could watch “Power”) where the story line is a young black kid becomes vicious drug kingpin in the era of crack because a CIA agent bamboozled a basically good kid while introducing crack into black hoods to finance arms for Nicaraguan rebels. There was the Iran-Contra scandal but it had nothing to do with drugs but Hollywood doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good unsubstantiated rumor used to push a show.


    That program drives every social problem. If you’re working, you have no time for gang-banging, and if you can’t work, you starve.


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