New Jersey Governor Declares State of Emergency Starting at Midnight

 Breaking 911:  

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of a large storm expected to bring snow to the area.

The latest forecasts indicate much of New Jersey will get snow & wintry mix throughout the night and into Tuesday.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) also issued a Winter Weather Congestion Alert and are implementing the Department’s Business Day Protocol for Tuesday, February 12, based on the forecast for expected snow and freezing rain this afternoon into tomorrow, which may result in difficult driving conditions. more here

SNIP: In the future, will there be a ‘snow tax’ to go along with his ‘rain tax’?

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  1. State of emergency?…difficult driving conditions?….Fuck, you’d think New Jersey is the Donner party with a dead battery in the family Prius…..

  2. Country is turning into a bunch of pampered sissy’s. Kids in my neck of the woods have had more weather days off from school this year than I can remember having throughout my whole schooling experience. When the weather was bad when I was a kid you just put on extra clothes, took your stocking cap (remember those?) and wrapped the tail around your face and off you went. We never had school off because of cold weather. Puts the screws to the working parents also because they suddenly have to find someone to watch the kids because god forbid if they stay home alone and someone finds out you’re suddenly a unfit parent.

  3. The State of Emergency began when this asshole was elected.
    New Jersey: the Armpit of the Nation.

    California? The Butt-crack.

  4. I’m in central NJ, this is a 90-minute snow delay for my children’s schools. No winter this year but some schools are calling for a day off since they have three on schedule and haven’t used any so far. Thankfully, it’s been a mild winter for us even though I know it has not been the same in the mid-west and south of us. However, a lot more wind than I remember for the early winter months.

  5. It’s how the states get magic fed tax-paid dollars. A state of emergency used to mean something. Like…a real emergency — not just a lot of inconvenience. Should call it a “State of Inconvenience.”

  6. AA, did you guys get much snow in Seattle? We have 20 inches over the last few days. Over a foot today. Where is our Emergency Declaration?

  7. I keep hearing about the absolute backlash when they tried to do this in Maryland. I live in NJ and am not too worried that the same backlash will happen and it will not happen.

  8. SHIT….I woke up to a solid 1/4 inch of ice on my deck and the dogs needed to go do their business. Luckily I had their studded paws put on earlier in their life….I won’t lie, it was kind of funny….needed some Benny Hill music behind it….

  9. Joe — We got about 17″ total, of which there is about a foot still on the ground. It’s raining now, though, and is supposed to continue raining through the evening. I’m glad. I’m going stir crazy. Funny how even though you may not actually go outside for days in the rainy winter, just the thought of not being able to get around does something weird to one’s psyche.

    Pat McManus wrote about “Two Man Tent Fever,” in which he swore he could hear Retch’s dandruff going “plip..plip..plip.” What ultimately drove him over the edge was hearing “that breathing sound” his tent mate was making.

    That freak in the guv’s mansion called for a state of terrible inconvenience a few days ago. You must have missed it.

  10. @Abigail, yes, State of Inconvenience is correct. Not Emergency. This is a regular ho hum winter event, but the first in a couple of months so the freak out? Everyone was out at the stores. You should look at the reports…It’s a typical winter weather event. I’m expecting I will need to just push snow off my driveway, not even actually shovel. We usually get 2 or 3 that are above a foot. This is easy-peasy.

  11. AA, it’s a mess, isn’t it? I’ll be staying close to home for a couple days, it’s going to take a day or two to clean this up.

  12. What makes me chuckle is the thought of all those millenials having to eat the last of their ramen (they must be down to the “shrimp flavored” ones by now), because all their Grub Hub and Diner Dash drivers won’t drive in the snow.

  13. You guys should try surviving in NorCal right now. It’s brutal. It was 10:00 am before I could take my jacket off and work in shirt sleeves. It’s bull shit.

  14. Geoff & Abagail, North Jersey and much of Pennsylvania and south-west NY will get a pat on the back with a splashing of fresh powder for their ski slopes. And Everyone will be heading there this weekend.

    But otherwise, STATE OF EMERGENCY!!!

  15. Brad, did you see what’s happening in Hawaii? On Maui, snow down to the 6200 foot level. Lowest ever recorded. A couple days ago, at 4:00pm, 55 degrees in Kona. That’s damn cold!

  16. @F4U – had rubber goulashes also with bread bags over our shoes so you could get your Keds out without too much struggling.

  17. When did they start recording this info in the Hawai’ian islands?

    I once skied down *******na street from 10th to 3rd. Just one run, ’cause that’s a long hike back up the hill in ski boots. It was a great test of my turning ability — it was only a two lane street w/sidewalks and straight down. But the snow was as good as anything at Crystal.

  18. I’ll bet some of those island girls nipples were popping off. Which reminds me, What do you call 250 female relatives of Elizabeth Warren all lined up with no nipples? The Indian nippless 500.

  19. Whenever you lack the knowledge of how to be prepared for natures’ surprises, you automatically feel the need to declare an emergency.
    Pussies indeed!

  20. Being in the flower business this is the worst possible week for lots of snow and cold weather since Valentines Day is on Thursday. We’ve got at least 8 to 12 inches of new snow over the last few days in Eastern Wash. and N. Idaho. This is nothing unusual but I want Winter to be over with. Fortunately I just have to deliver flowers in the local area, Sunday going to Moses Lake and Wenatchee with over $10,000 of flowers was my last big delivery day. The central part of the state was actually pretty decent weather wise and road wise, it was just from Moses Lake to Spokane the last 100 miles or so that it got bad but going slower than normal I had no problems. I hate it when large semis blow past me in the left lane at high speeds when it’s almost whiteout conditions due to blowing and drifting snow. This isn’t bad, Feb. 1982 when my wife was pregnant with our son was the worst when we got 18-20 inches of snow. This too shall pass, it always does and besides yesterday was the unofficial beginning of baseball season with pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training in Arizona and Florida so I hereby declare Winter to be over, snow or no snow.

  21. Right now in central MD we have a sheet of ice covering everything. I was scheduled to go to Philly this morning for a meeting. I saw the forecast yesterday, so I postponed it until Friday. It wasn’t a rush, and why take the risk driving with all the morons and maniacs in an ice storm? The inconvenience of delaying going to work or rescheduling an event is much better than getting into an accicent. Even a minor fender bender costs many hours off from work to deal with and then there is the cost.
    “State of Inconvenience” is the proper term.


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