New Jersey University Squashes Students’ Hopes Of Bringing Chick-Fil-A To Campus

DC: A New Jersey university is not bringing Chick-fil-A to its campus over the fast food chain’s “corporate values,” even though the restaurant was the students’ top pick.

Rider University surveyed students in the spring and asked which restaurants they wanted the school to bring to campus, Campus Reform reported Tuesday. Chick-fil-A was the top pick.

The school sent an email to students on Nov. 1, however, that told them Chick-fil-A’s “corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider,” according to Campus Reform.  more here

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  1. Chick Fil A founder has an opinion, just like the progs on campus. Difference is, CFA’s founder doesn’t go around burning down cities, ban people from entering their business, run phony activist ‘charities’, and accost people. They pay their people a good wage, the food is good AND they close on Sundays because they’re about the all mighty God FIRST, not the all mighty prog.

    And how messed up are you progs that you don’t want someone to provide food, provide you with cash from the space rental AND obviously hate the students that you give a so-called education to at a high price?

  2. Amazing that a supposed font of “higher learning” can’t see that their “values” have done anything BUT progressed. They’ve devolved.

    But as is par for the course, lefties’ versions of words mean the exact opposite of what the word was intended to be in the first place.


  4. “The school sent an email to students on Nov. 1, however, that told them Chick-fil-A’s “corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider…”

    That they would stand behind such an EMBARRASSINGLY RIDICULOUS statement disqualifies them as a legitimate educational institution.
    And may the food provider they do choose give them horrific food poisoning because their values are rooted in some primitive culture and backward superstition.

  5. Well. If corporations (“persons” under the law, albeit not “individuals”) can have “values”, then these “values” must be based upon something that distinguishes this “person” from other corporate “persons” who have ordinary corporate values (generally, “make as much money as possible”.)

    Therefore, said “values” must come from… the “person’s” religion. (And of course we all know that corporations have person rights, e.g. First Amendment.)

    Therefore, this sounds to me like actionable discrimination under the Civil Rights Act on the basis of religion. The person needs to sue.

  6. When I was in college the college regularly hosted anti Israel rallies that were hotbeds of anti semitism. This was twenty-five years ago, colleges were and are absolute hotbeds of hate.

    FWIW, this was when I was attending community college, prior to transferring to a Catholic four year school.

  7. I hear halal is popular. And it never involves e. coli outbreaks at all. No never.

    Rider must be planning a festive Allahu Snackbar in lieu of fast food that is safe, tasty and desired by the great majority of the student body, as it is at so many campuses and shopping malls.

    This is their published position on food. Imagine their agenda on material allowed in the university Library!

  8. Well, their student body is listed at 4,094. There’s no way Chic-fil-a would put a store there. Maybe a couple vending machines.

  9. “But the University wants to be clear: we are happy to accept tuition money from the students who also share Chick-Fil-A’s values.”

  10. Bad_Brad they don’t have to be a full on store. They can do something similar to a food court at the mall. I’ve seen McDonald’s (spit) and Burger King buses that set up shop during events (with permits).

  11. MJA
    25% market per day would be optimistic. That’s a REAL small market.
    But, us conservatives (red necks) in my county don’t two shits about their archaic corporate values. So we’re getting one. Right down the street from my shop. I hope they put McDonalds out of Biz.

  12. Brad….I think you’re overlooking a bigger market….Friends and relatives visiting the University….The surrounding community coming to eat some chikin.
    The best restaurant to open up near me ( might be the BEST restaurant in 30 square miles) is the cafe in the new hospital (30 miles away)and I’ll be eating there more regularly….

  13. Chick-Fil-A, eh? HEY! It’s lunchtime! It may be six miles over and six miles back, but it’s worth the drive and the loooong line of cars for good Christian chicken.
    Later, folks.

  14. If the student body held a huge demonstration on the basis of NJU’s choice to adhere to their political agenda vs making edible food available, complete with news coverage, the U would fold like wet cardboard.

  15. Liberal administrators and faculties never seem to learn – they frequently take polls or provide questionnaires for various proposed actions only to find the majority of students don’t share their values. Rather than accede to what the students want, they just go ahead and do what they wanted to do in the first place – only they look silly and autocratic in the process.

    Several years ago, University of California, Santa Cruz needed a mascot, and after a campus referendum the students chose the banana slug. The administration disagreed because their choice was the Sea Lion, so they ignored the student choice and pushed the Sea Lion – even going so far as to commission a bronze statue of a Sea Lion for campus. Every year, the students would paint the statue yellow, and continue to ignore the Sea Lion and refer to themselves as banana slugs. The administration eventually relented because they had to.

    UC Santa Cruz has since come up with politically correct “reasons” they chose the banana slug as a mascot, but the reason is that the name is ridiculous and that’s why the students chose it.

  16. The leftist inmates are running the asylum. And they only hire their own.

    If we don’t take back our schools, accept we areally doomed.

  17. I wonder if the snowflakes are triggered by the spotted cows urging all to Eat Mor Chikin!

    lol Oh lort, that’s so rayciss!

  18. When I worked in Saudi I passed a shwarma seller’s stand coming and going to work. They looked delicious but the vendor/”chef’s” hands did not. So, “laa, shukran sadiq.”
    It’s odd that a people so compulsive about keeping their feet washed can ignore their hands so.

  19. Chick-Fil is, and has always been run by xenophobic, white nationalists. Do not just take my word for it – see what laura Bush said about them closing on Sundays 3 years ago – 2015 for Yeb!

  20. It is likely any students with conservative leanings all voted for Chick-fil-A. The remaining votes were probably split between several restaurants. Administrators were seeing future protests, destruction, liability suits, etc. Having Chick-fil-A on campus might likely have spelled disaster for them.


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