New Lucy Statue Replaces The Old Scary One

“I’ve lived and breathed every second of Lucy for the last nine months,” Palmer tells The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the unveiling Saturday (Aug. 6), which would have been Ball’s 105th birthday. Palmer’s statue is replacing a previous statue, which was nicknamed “Scary Lucy” and frightened residents so much they petitioned to get it removed.

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19 Comments on New Lucy Statue Replaces The Old Scary One

  1. Lucille Ball was a beautiful woman…thank goodness they got it right this time. Who the heck did the first one???

  2. The hair and face, except for the lips, on the old one looks just like my uncle Donald. Lucy’s family should have sued that bastard for that butchery.

  3. The scary Lucy looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Who the fuck was the artist? The same one who ‘corrected’ Ecco Homo?

  4. As Liz Wecker said, Lucille Ball was a beautiful woman. she was a genius at comedy and a beautiful beautiful woman. I don’t know how that ugly statue survived one day.

  5. I swear to God, I bet it was the sculptors’ pool guy.
    (Greg Gutfeld didn’t have this commissioned did he? “Hey Carlos I need you in the grotto. And bring that Guy Fawkes mask.”)

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