New Mexico: Deceased illegal alien child’s father refused him medical care at border

American Thinker: By Monica Showalter

The open-borders lobby thought they had a live one.

An eight-year old Guatemalan boy, traveling with his wannabe-illegal immigrant father, died in Border Patrol custody as the two crossed illegally from Mexico into the New Mexico badlands.

It’s the second child death for the month as migrants move to dangerous areas to cross over illegally. Yes, it’s very sad. And lefties have had a field day, pinning the whole thing on the Border Patrol.

There’s just one problem: The migrant child’s father refused free medical care, courtesy of the Border Patrol.  more here

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  1. facts are pesky little things aren’t they. That won’t stop some brain dead liberal from screaming about this sad situation.

  2. Never occurred to the “media” that the “father” carried the little diseased brat all across mexico?

    The kid was sick.
    It should not have been travelling … obviously.
    Regardless of the “father’s” refusal of medical care, the “father” is entirely at fault for the kid’s death – he never should have taken the kid on a thousand-mile journey through a disease-ridden cesspit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I feel for these people sometimes but they continue to create most of their own problems, just look at how they vote.
    This country doesn’t need hordes of these vermin pouring in here who are too stupid to get out of their own way.

  4. The kids mother is pleading for the father to able to remain in the US so he can send US dollars to her and support the rest of the family. Asylum my ass, they want our money.

  5. Anyone who’s done any traveling through Mexico, central or South America knows that the people there only view U.S. citizens through dollar signs. Jealousy and masked contempt is a universal state of mind you’ll learn to expect from them.

  6. Yeah, travel thousands of miles through poverty-ridden shitholes, arrive sick, but it’s suddenly our fault?
    Another reason to hate the MSM and their a aggressively slanted fake news.

  7. A guy called in on the Limbaugh stand-in show yesterday and had a good line:

    “The Left doesn’t want us to be the world’s policeman but apparently does want us to be the world’s foster parent.”

    The naive might think it’s out of kindness when it’s actually about delivering them an endless supply of young molestables who don’t know how to speak English or can call the police.

    You find a kid wandering alone at a grocery store and you try to find the parent. Democrats find a kid wandering around at the border and they want to scoop them up and send them off to live with strangers at Catholic Charities. And then pay the stranger $5k a month. Camera equipment and dark web servers cost money.

    If one group of people shouldn’t be trusted with children its’ the exact people who are getting paid to watch them under the current structure.

  8. We need to cut all federal, state and local elected cruds salaries and benefits by 50% in order to pay for all that free health care we are giving to the 3rd world denizens!


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