New Mexico: Good guys are packing heat at this school

Biz Pac Review: Amid all the hysteria over gun control in the wake of yet another school shooting, a school in New Mexico is not likely to be the next target.

…because everyone’s packing heat!

Well, maybe not everyone, but many teachers at the parochial school carry firearms, as does the principle and head of security, according to Inside Edition.

Even the school’s pastor carries a .45 — in a case that looks like a Bible.

By a show of hands, student’s in a classroom at the school were asked if they feel safer knowing their teacher was carrying a gun. Every hand in the room went up, as seen in the video clip below.


Florida legislators vote down ‘assault weapons’ ban as Parkland students watch.

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  1. School shooters tend to be misfit students. Who knows them better than the staff of that school. Now we just need to make the building more secure, structurally. Even the damn local Social Security office has an armed guard.

  2. The high school students who are pushing for gun control aren’t yet wise to the true nature of what they ask for. The left has found a new ally in their bid to further their conquest of the American people. The students may not be of voting age yet, but they will be soon and this incident will remain fresh in their memories by next election.

  3. I think showing them in public in any way is wrong on a daily basis, but I think it was necessary this time. It was a show in more ways than one.

    I’m interested in this “.38 semi automatic pistol” the principal carries. Wondering if it’s actually a .380 and the news guy is just another reporter who knows nothing about guns.

    And Hell yeah! Is it illogical knowing someone you know and trust is going to seriously defend your life makes you feel safer? Why does it take a child to see this obvious thing?

    Anti-gunners are doing the devil’s work.

  4. So many are clueless regarding “GUNS.” Actually my main carry strong side holster does hold a semi auto in .41, which most do not know exists. 41 AE, I call it my Arts and Entertainment gun. Backup a 38 Spec. (2nd) in cross draw appendix.

    Manufactured rounds almost non-existent so you reload…

    Two guns is one, one gun is none. Never carry only one! So speaks a friend, former DEA.

  5. I’m sick of this idiot students protesting about gun control. Some of this idiot can even read, write, or clean their own ass The DEMS socialist are using the students like violin. My solution is let them vote at 21 years. And can’t purchase no gun until 25 that will change the idiot mind. We’re is the parent of this student . This parents are raising brown shirt socialist just like the DEMS wants.

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