New Mexico Lawmakers Reject Bloomberg Gun Control Bills

NRA-ILA: As the legislative session gaveled to a close today, state lawmakers shut the lid on gun control bills pushed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his national anti-gun groups. Out of state gun control organizations targeted New Mexico during the 2016 election cycle and in the early months of 2017, spending more than a quarter of a million dollars on state races and hiring a half-dozen lobbyists in a failed attempt to pass House Bill 50, Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 548 — measures to criminalize firearm sales and transfers by private individuals.

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9 Comments on New Mexico Lawmakers Reject Bloomberg Gun Control Bills

  1. Since Bloomberg thinks only 1 %ers have the right to self defense, perhaps he should surround himself with a dozen goot boys covered with gang tats, sportin’ stolen weapons, fluent in nighlish, and who are just turning their lives around. Maybe Bloomberg’s armed guards could be put to better use by searching for Bloomberg’s new friends/assailants?

  2. Burner: My understanding is that it indeed was a federal law, passed at/near the first Congress, that able bodied males between the ages of 18 and 45 had to own a rifle and accessories – in order to be ready for battle. This law was used by Ds, during their transparent push for the ACA, to argue that the Feds had required the purchase of items.

    I don’t recall what happened to that early law.

    BTW: The above was written w/o my usual checks, as I want to live at the exciting edge.

  3. Love to read accounts of that puke wasting his money in constant attempts to limit everyone else’s freedoms. Perhaps he could offer former Secret Service “officer” O’Grady a job…

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