New Mexico Militia Group Under Fire For Detaining Migrants At The Border

WAXE: While Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C. argue about how to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border a militia in New Mexico is taking the matter into their own hands. The United Constitutional Patriots have been detailing their actions to secure the border online and their actions have drawn the ire of New Mexico politicians.

In one of the videos, members of the militia were seen holding around 200 migrants, which included women and children, at gunpoint until U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived to take them into custody.

“We’re just here to support the Border Patrol and show the public the reality of the border,” Jim Benvie, a spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots told the New York Times.

The governor of New Mexico has condemned their attempts to police the border. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued a statement saying that is “completely unacceptable” that migrants who are seeking asylum are “menaced or threatened in any way, shape or form when they arrive at our border.”  more here

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  1. It’s just an old fashioned meet & greet between some New Mexicans and some Olde Mexicans….The Olde Mexicans forgot to RSVP….

  2. The militia are following the law, but the Border Patrol has opposing orders. These illegals will be treated as welcomed guests courtesy of Trump.

    “During a press conference in the White House Rose Garden on Friday morning, President Trump decried the Catch and Release program while a Republican-Democrat spending bill he is expected to sign will expand the release of illegal aliens and border crossers into the United States.”

    “The bipartisan spending package Trump will sign, as Breitbart News has reported, greatly expands the Catch and Release of border crossers and illegal aliens,
    codifying into law that border crossers be bused into the interior of the U.S. where they are released with the promise that they are monitored.”

    Trump Needs to End Presidential Catch & Release Directive Fueling Border Invasion
    For National Release | April 4, 2019
    “ALIPAC is sounding the alert that the word is out around the world that any potential illegal immigrant
    who would like to invade the United States may do so by making a false asylum claim, rendering all walls and fences useless as American Border Patrol agents are currently operating under Presidential directives to escort illegals into the USA and to “Catch & Release” them to walk freely among US citizens.

    Millions more illegals are inbound with an estimated new record of 1.5 million new illegals expected in 2019,
    Texas cities are being flooded with fake asylum seeker illegals, and more Americans are being raped, robbed, and murdered by invaders under the policies of President Donald J. Trump than ever before!”

  3. If you witness a crime being committed it’s perfectly legal to hold the perf until the proper authorities have been notified and arrive… even at gunpoint. It’s called a Citizens Arrest.

    The Governor of New Mexico is a lame bint. AND… the ignorance of even our most basic laws in this country is appalling. Don’t forget to thank a teacher.

  4. Asylum? Do ANY of these clowns know what that word means? Furthermore, do they know what it means in a legal sense?

  5. “New Mexico Militia Group Under Fire For Detaining Migrants At The Border”

    Why? Did they let the ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS get away?! I’D be mad then TOO!!! 😡

  6. When will enough gun laws really be enough?
    With the number of laws and their redundancy already on the books it seems to me that there will NEVER be enough and to add more to the mix seems like the definition of insanity…more and more guns laws and the effect is the same…bad people kill people, with cars, knives, fists and yes even guns…and we should hold those PREDATORS in low/no regard….imagine a loved one of yours as the victim.

    The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was expressly written in by our founders as a tool for citizens to protect this same United States of America from the menace of a tyrannical government that could and may be rising in this country. It was not put into the Bill of Rights for the purpose of duck hunting or target practice. It is to counter tyranny and to do so adequately it permits military style weapons including full automatic assault weapons exactly like the ones that will be used against the populace in the event of a tyrannical assault upon us.

    The founders of this great country had seen it all in the countries they emigrated from and they were extremely prescient to foresee the same kind of menace someday being perpetrated on this country by our very own government. Tyranny, whether they understand their actions as such, is very high on the mind of way too many people residing within the borders of the United States of America..way too many.
    Our culture as the safest place in the world for people in need of rescue is being subverted by enemies, outside and inside of our great country. Forces of evil want to dissolve our culture to that of some third world banana empire..if you look you can see it….just listen to the proclamations or should I say rantings of Pelosi and omar and tlaib and schume, antifa..THE LEFT… WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    There is only one solution to the violence committed upon our citizens whether by guns, knives, baseball bats or whatever devise happens to be available to the perpetrator of the willful violence.

    Remember that there will always be guns and depriving law abiding people of their 2nd Amendment RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS puts them AT THE MERCY OF CRIMINALS WHO DON’T RESPECT ANY LAW AT ALL.

    I HAVE THE ONLY SOLUTION TO REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE IN ANY AND ALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD……bleeding hearts and soy boys and progressives and wusses can stop reading because I am about to say how we as law abiding citizens can protect ourselves nearly 100% against the human predators that we seem to give SO MUCH UNFOUNDED sympathy to.


    In America, where we have the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, we need to eliminate ALL gun laws.
    THAT’S RIGHT, YOU HEARD ME…………….ALL GUN LAWS! ( they haven’t worked and NEVER will because the criminals just do not obey gun laws or any other law.) All present laws are directed at the law abiding portion of our society. When we restrict THEIR use of the guns they would like to use we do not prevent gun violence, BUT WE ENCOURAGE IT….GUN FREE ZONES, DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Our politicians that advocate for gun control only advocate for the criminal to have guns…..they, the gun control politicians among us are the MOST STUPID OF HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET AND NEED TO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE…..listen to their rhetoric…it’s mindless.

    LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS…………this is short and sweet.

    When a gun is brandished or used in the commission of a crime the brandisher or user, when apprehended will, within twelve hours of arrest, be remanded to a secure prison facility not less than 2000 miles from his/her home FOR FIFTY YEARS and assigned to HARD LABOR for a minimum of sixteen hours a day, fed only gruel and no in-house facilities such as TV, library weight room ,basketball court…just PUNISHMENT! Also not permitted visitors for fifteen years except for an annual visit of a defense lawyer. The trial of the accused shall be conducted in absentia and only for the purported crime not for the firearms violation.
    If a death is incurred during the commission of the crime the criminal shall be executed within one year of apprehension in the facility of his incarceration.


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