New Mexico: “Muslim extremist” compound dwellers indicted on terrorism charges

The inhabitants of a “Muslim extremist” compound in New Mexico were indicted on terrorism, kidnapping, and firearm violation charges Thursday.

A federal grand jury returned a superseding indictment against Jany Leveille, 36, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, Subhanah Wahhaj, 36, and Lucas Morton, 41, according to a press release from the Department of Justice.

The defendants are accused of operating a training ground on the compound in Albuquerque, New Mexico that prepared followers to carry out attacks against FBI agents, government officials, and military personnel.

“The indictment alleges that the defendants conspired to provide material support in preparation for violent attacks against federal law enforcement officers and members of the military,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers.  “Advancing beliefs through terror and violence has no place in America, and the National Security Division continues to make protecting against terrorism its top priority.”

The New Mexico compound first garnered national attention in August when prosecutors alleged Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the son of a prominent Brooklyn imam and one of the compound leaders, was training 11 children at the location to commit school shootings. Law enforcement officials described the compound leaders as “extremist Muslims” who were stockpiling weapons and training children to carry out Jihad against the United States.

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  1. Well it’s about freakin’ time! Even someone with Beto and AOC’s combined IQ coulda figgerd that out about a day after they were caught. D’oh!


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