New Migrant Caravan Organizer Arrested in Honduras on Rape Charge

Breitbart: Police in Honduras arrested one of the organizing members of a new caravan of migrants who are seeking to reach the U.S. border. Police arrested the caravan organizer — serving a warrant on the charge of rape.

Authorities have confirmed the arrest of 26-year-old Juan Carlos Molina. They say the man they claim is one of the main organizers and promoters of a caravan of individuals from Honduras who are seeking to reach the U.S. border to request asylum. On Monday, a group of about 800 migrants left San Pedro Sula on their way north. It is believed that others may join along the way.  more here

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As new U.S.-bound caravan grows to more than 2,000, Mexicans lash out.

As a new caravan that began in Honduras and quickly swelled to an estimated 2,000 people made its way toward Mexico on Tuesday, Mexicans who live along the border towns that will likely be most affected took to the Internet to lash out against another wave of migrants.

“Work? Yes, there might be work for people who actually want to work, not for the lazy bums looking for entitlements,” said one commenter, with the screen name Azucena Santos, in Spanish on a YouTube page belonging to Shialeweb, who was recording the caravan. “Poor Mexicans, what’s in store for you!”

Juan Palomina remarked: “Now look, let’s see if whacko [Mexican President} Lopez Obrador mobilizes the Marines and keeps these idiots from coming to Mexico. Give them enough to eat, at least.”

Some urged the migrants not to be blindly optimistic.

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  1. Rape is just another word for love.

    Liberals to Central American Hispanics: As long as you and your children have warm buttholes and can push a Diebold button on Election Day, we welcome you to our Human Trafficking side hustle known as the Democratic Party.

    Si se puede limpiar nuestros casas y lavar mi inodoro.

  2. Apparently a stooge.
    Find who’s behind it – the money, the organization, the logistics, the … well … anything and every thing.

    Arrest that asshole and try him (her) for Treason and execute him (her).

    And everyone associated. Try then execute. Publicly. Hang the carcasses on the Wall.

    izlamo delenda est …


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