New Missouri Dem Party Leader Called for Cop Killer’s Release


The Missouri Democratic Party’s new leader called for the release of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and, as a state legislator in 2017, vocally opposed a law that heightened penalties for those who harm police officers.

Former state representative Clem Smith became acting party chair in early July after county prosecutor Jean Peters Baker stepped down from the role. While working as a United Auto Workers secretary in 2008, Smith signed a Partisan Defense Committee letter calling for the “immediate freedom” of Abu-Jamal, who is serving life imprisonment without parole after murdering Philadelphia officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981.

As a state legislator, Smith also rallied against a 2017 bill that imposed tougher penalties on those who harm police officers. The bill reclassified voluntary manslaughter against a police officer from a “class B” felony to a “class A” felony and also made rioting against police—previously a misdemeanor—a “class E” felony. Smith voted against the bill, saying that if the law was in effect during the 2014 Ferguson riots, “we’d have to build another prison.” His Twitter profile depicts a police vehicle damaged by fire and explosives that appears to stem from the riots. more

12 Comments on New Missouri Dem Party Leader Called for Cop Killer’s Release

  1. I say turn Mumia Abu-Jamal lose. Give it a 24 hour head start. And assign a 100K bounty on it’s head and televise the hunt. Hey, we need a new professional sport to fill the void. Big money.
    Imagine the advertisers. Hornady, Glock, Sig. It would be awesome.

  2. “we’d have to build another prison.”

    Prisons employ people.

    He’s just another Democrat that seeks a political advantage through unemployment.

  3. Brad,

    It’s already been done in H-wood. ‘The Running Man’. Only in your version EVERYONE is in on the hunt. Would have to have some restraints, (read delays in the kill). Otherwise the show would be over in 4 minutes and the advertisers don’t get what they would be promised.

  4. The people who wanted the state to come and rip my firearm out of my cold dead hands are the ones complaining about police brutality.

    Think about that.

  5. The Left never sleeps on this issue. the Left got Mumia’s death penalty reduced to “life”. And now they are trying to reduce “life” to time served.

    The state should have put that animal down when they had the chance.


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