New Moon Discovered Orbiting Around Neptune

ET: A tiny moon was recently discovered around Neptune, said a study published Feb. 20 in the journal Nature.

Hippocamp, the smallest moon of Neptune, is named for a sea monster in Greek mythology. The hippocamp, sometimes known as the hippocampus, is said to have a horse body and a fish tail, depicted in Greek and Roman artwork.

The journal said that the moon is only 21 miles in diameter, USA Today reported. In comparison, Neptune is about 30,599 miles in diameter, and Earth’s moon is 2,159 miles in diameter, while the Earth is 7,917.5 miles in diameter.  more 

14 Comments on New Moon Discovered Orbiting Around Neptune

  1. Quick! We need to rewrite all astronomy textbooks! How did DeGrasse-Tyson miss this greatest of all discoveries?

  2. Under our noses all along.
    Her name be Oprah.
    A horse body and a fish tail? Nope, just a fat self absorbed overpaid untalented black woman.
    More successful than Woopie

  3. “They’re going to run out of ideas if they want to assign names to every bit of gravel in space.”

    …well, remember, @gin blossom, they DID take “planet” status AWAY from Pluto, mostly because it was the only planet discovered by an American, and in the anti-American climate Obama encouraged, it made it seem like a good time to extend Leftist politics even to the very edge of out Solar system…

  4. You know there’s gonna be trouble if “scientists” find Smollett orbiting Uranus.

    Heh heh … Smollett and Obola … two bitches … each buttering his own butt …

    Gag …

    izlamo delenda est …


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