New Pet For Our iOTW Pet Portrait Gallery

This is Peaches, the rabbit.

We’ve decided that the painting of the lovely young girl doesn’t compromise her identity as much as the photo might.


13 Comments on New Pet For Our iOTW Pet Portrait Gallery

  1. She looks like she could be the Pet of the Month.

    I mean the Bunny, she could be the bunny of the month.

  2. Aw-w-w-w Peaches. What a beautiful Dutch bunny!
    Bunnies make good house pets since they can be litter box trained and clicker/command trained. They’re quiet, loyal to their person/people and a heck of a lot smarter than most people realize.

    The name I use here, Eugenia, was the name of one of my first house rabbits many years ago. She was a character.

    Thanks for sharing another great portrait.

  3. I read that title and the old dyslexia kicked in and I saw “Pet Rock Portrait.”

    You’ve also managed to make the rabbit more interesting, more alive, but it could be the pretty young lady in the background that adds so much to the painting.

  4. What a beautiful portrait, Fur!

    Peaches looks like a bunny I had as a kid. They are such fun critters…and sooooft!

    Happy Easter, bunny mom!

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